April 19, 2021

Santiago Solari on Real Madrid's last matches

Santiago Solari on Real Madrid's last matches

Real Madrid ended up beating Alavés after a very good first half and a more than acceptable stretch of the second. Solari has managed to get his kids to play at a high level for ninety minutes and if there is a downturn, do not lose everything. The Whites are in the best moment of the season just when the good comes, although the Argentine coach has a hard time saying it openly. «All the stages of the season are decisive. And the decisive thing in football is the next game. We take it with that naturalness and that experience of so many years, "explains Solari, who wanted to highlight the improvement in the league, demonstrated by the game and also by the numbers. «Madrid never gives up. We show hunger to cut points, just like last week and the previous one. We will go out and win the next game always, beyond mathematics ", he confirmed after reinforcing the third place and remaining only two points away from Atlético. The teams that have Madrid ahead shot and Barça already knows that they will not be able to use the league games to rest their key players thinking about Copa and Champions. Valverde did against Valencia and his mattress, which is still wide, has thinned a bit.

The Madrid feels qualitatively plethoric and also in terms of number, because it is recovering players for the cause. Not only are there almost no injuries, but those who return are taking the tone. Odriozola did a marathon on the right wing against Alavés while Carvajal was serving a penalty and in the process he rested his legs for the Camp Nou. Nacho did the same with Varane, also expelled, while Ceballos provoked the applause of the Bernabéu so that Kroos could take a break. Asensio was more participative than ever after his injury. Mariano reappeared with a spectacular header and thanks Solari, who saved Lucas yesterday. «Having each of them is a solution. Vinicius played a great game and won the stadium's ovation. We are delighted with him, "insisted Solari. The boy is ready for what is coming. «I am not afraid of anything, I play in the best team in the world», closed Vinicius.


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