Santiago Pérez: "I hope that the ruling in the Reparos case is exemplary"

Santiago Pérez, in a file photo at the exit of the Courts. / C7

The senator from Tenerife ventures that the Supreme Court ruling could convict Clavijo given the evidence, unlike in the Cranes case

Ingrid Ortiz-Viera

If there is something that bothers Santiago Pérez (PSOE), "like any other citizen", it is that they tease him and play with his money. But in the facet of public office he does not allude to moral duty but to legal duty, which obliges him to inform the Justice of the detected irregularities.

That is why he has celebrated the setback for the team of
Fernando Clavijo for the Reparos case. "It is never a pleasant task to report a crime, but it is part of our responsibility," says the now senator from Tenerife who once betrayed the nationalist when he was mayor of La Laguna for ignoring the objections raised by the Municipal Intervention in numerous files for
amounts of up to 70 million.

Although the defense had requested the dismissal of the case, the case is now
in the hands of the Supreme Court and Pérez predicts that "by logic, the sentence should be condemnatory", which would serve as an example due to its political repercussion. "These cases not only have value in themselves but also have a dissuasive nature for those who believe they are above it," says the councilor from Laguna.

In his opinion, there is sufficient evidence for that ruling, following the arguments of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, which asked to raise the case on the understanding that there were indications of a continued crime of administrative prevarication. As Clavijo is a senator, his national appraisal determines that only the Supreme Court can investigate him.

Keys to understand the Reparos case

In this sense, Pérez does not believe that the case can be filed as it happened with
the crane case because "in comparison, that was a toy", taking into account that it is a continuity of contracts signed between the period of 2011 and 2014 that lasted up to eight years.

The Supreme Court does not see parallels either, arguing on the one hand that in the Reparos case there is no external legal opinion that supports the decisions of the then mayor Clavijo, as there was in the previous one. On the other hand, the auditor's reports include his "criteria that is totally opposed to extensions."

Pérez also defends that there was embezzlement of public funds, a line that is also followed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and the Investigating Court in charge of analyzing the almost 200 files indicated by the senator, despite the fact that only ten are examined in the Supreme Court, each one autonomous and constituting a crime.

However, what most worries the socialist is finding out
in exchange for what these "favors" were granted to the companies to perpetuate contracts. "They have no obligation to continue if it doesn't suit them, and CC then seemed like a bottomless pit in the midst of a crisis," he says, pointing to Ana Oramas as the orchestrator of the alleged corruption plot and José Alberto Díaz as her successor. "They have only been saved because when we detected it, the crimes had already prescribed."

The ex-lagunero councilor has also disfigured the leader of CC by
pervert the appraisal and turn it into a "refuge from political adventures." In this sense, he has harshly criticized Clavijo for leaving his group “beheaded” –for what he considers his inability to remain in the opposition– and not “playing fair”.

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