July 29, 2021

Santiago Muñoz Machado, National Prize of History of Spain 2018 | Culture

Santiago Muñoz Machado, National Prize of History of Spain 2018 | Culture

Santiago Muñoz Machado has won the National Prize of History of Spain 2018 for his work 'We speak the same language. Political history of Spanish in America. ' The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is endowed with 20,000 euros. The work has been chosen for "being a political history of Spanish in America since the conquest of Independence, work focused on the role of the Spanish language in the construction of a cultural space and an institutional world that was gestating and developing in the centuries of Spanish presence to affirm with the independent republics"

"The bad reputation of Spanish is difficult to raise," said the lawyer and academic in a interview in EL PAÍS published on the occasion of the release of the book now awarded, an encyclopedic work on the journey of the Spanish language in the New Continent, with 800 pages covering the legal, political, social and linguistic aspects since the arrival of Columbus, until the consolidation of the new American nations in the nineteenth century.

Muñoz Machado, a 68-year-old Cordovan, is a professor of Administrative Law, and member of the Spanish Royal Academy of the Language and the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences. His entry speech in the RAE dealt with freedom of expression. Among his most influential works are those that refer to the Third Sector and the social activity of the State, those concerning the Law of the Autonomous Communities and those dedicated to the study of the Law of economic regulation. And his great synthesis book, Treaty of Administrative Law and Public Law Generatesl, which is the reference work in the field, both in Spain and in other countries.

He is also the author of books of stories such as Cold river (2010); of historical investigations, The problem of the structuring of the State in Spain (2006); of biographical studies, Sepúlveda, chronicler of the Emperor (2012) and of essays on current issues such as Report on Spain: rethink the State or destroy it (2012), work awarded with the National Essay Prize in 2013.


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