Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Santiago Muñoz Machado inaugurates the XVI Congress of the Language in Seville

The director of the SAR, Santiago Muñoz Machado, inaugurated the XVI Congress of the Language at the end of the second day. In his opening speech he went through the history of the Academy, "founded in 1713 to take care of language and literature," recounting how the entire eighteenth century invested it in laying the foundations of a language that 600 million people would speak, although its beginnings did not presage such success. The RAE published its first "dictionary of authorities" between 1726 and 1739, recalled Muñoz Machado, published in six thick volumes. The next work was the publication of a spelling and later, of grammar. "Until then, every Spanish speaker used the language freely," he said.

In those beginnings, there were glimpses of separation and the future of Spanish in America was still an unknown. “This situation was improving over the years because the SAR, in 1870, decided that just as there was one in Spain, there should be corresponding academies in each country, which began to be created from 1871 in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico”, Where the first congress of the Asale was held, in 1951. Heir to that is the appointment of Seville, whose significance was recognized by all the authorities that intervened yesterday in the theater of the Captaincy General.

The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, explained the peculiarities of our language in each country, traveling to his childhood in the films dubbed by Jorge Arvizu or bringing the words of also Mexican Fernando del Paso to receive the Cervantes Prize: “When I cry, I cry in Spanish; when I laugh, even out loud, I laugh in Spanish ”. The shocking reading of "Cantar de mio Cid" by the academic and actor José Luis Gómez closed an act that the soloists of the Baroque Orchestra of Seville opened.

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