Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Santiago Bernabéu: history of a temple

Santiago Bernabéu: history of a temple

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The Santiago Bernabéu is about to turn 72 and could not take them better. Over the hectare of grass have played the greatest champions of world football. The heart is the same but the building has changed a lot since that June 22, 1944, when Santiago Bernabéu received the necessary credit to start the construction of the stadium that will bear his name, a project of the architect José María Castell. With a capacity of more than 81,000 spectators, it is considered by UEFA to be one of the best stadiums in Europe: it ranks fifth in the ranking of the elite stadiums. In this video we review the main stages of the history of this soccer temple that is about to be put into work to release new skin.


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