March 7, 2021

Santiago Aldama makes Spain U18 European champion

In the beginning of the third quarter the Spanish team, which arrived after winning all the matches of the tournament, lost 23-36 after a partial of 0-11 against. Nothing came out to those of Javi Zamora who accumulated losses, were not able to close the rebound and failed again and again from the line of three.

The Ottomans were the owners of the area and, although they were not entirely intoned in attack, they carried out a nearly perfect defense for three quarters that exhausted Usman Garuba who for the first time in the tournament had to seek rest on the bench.

A technique to the Turkish bench, to shout before a Spanish triple, put Spain in the game. Closed the third quarter 42-43 after a two plus one of Santiago Aldama, I was about to leave a minute for glory.

The last period began at the pace of the NCAA player. Two stratospheric triples put the team ahead for the first time in the game. It seemed that Spain was going to leave, but it had to suffer until the end. Free throws for Oier with 55-53, put the first and failed the second. But there it was Garuba to close the rebound and take a free kick when the team needed it most.

Spain is the U18 European champion and Spain has met a generation that can mark an era. Today the country has met Santiago Aldama and knows that there is a future.

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