Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Santiago Abascal stresses that the "most important" problem in Spain for many years is called PSOE

Santiago Abascal stresses that the "most important" problem in Spain for many years is called PSOE

During an event in Palencia, the leader of Vox also recalled that the PSOE is in charge of the Moncloa Palace "sustained in the enemies of Spain and freedom, in which they have taken a separatist coup in Catalonia", in those that "they want to take the country to Venezuela" and in those who "never condemned the terrorism that took the lives of many socialists."

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"When the Socialist Party today in the mouth of its candidate - Pedro Sanchez - dares to say that it does not rule out pardons for the coup leaders who are still leading a separatist coup in Catalonia, it has become an enemy of Spain" , has indicated.

Abascal added that there are agreements that are debatable but there are some in which there is nothing to discuss because "when a national party like the Socialist Party is going to be with the enemies of Spain becomes enemy".

He has done so in a full theater Ortega, which has not been able to accommodate the large crowd gathered in the vicinity and has been content to hear Abascal outside the premises for a few minutes.

During his speech, Santiago Abascal has also asked Sánchez not to "condemn" Spain "only to be a service sector country, not to pretend that we are the waiters of the Germans" and has stressed the importance of patriotism because "it makes respect you. "

The president of Vox has pointed out that patriotism "is essential" to tell Europe that it is not going to be allowed to have "a rebel escaped" without delivering and that it will not have consequences, referring to the former president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont.

"The Spaniards need to see that the rulers believe in their homeland, that the fruit of their effort has to be in their pockets and not in the hands of politicians to pay 17 parliaments" because that is common sense, has reiterated

Santiago Abascal added that common sense "provokes nervousness in demographic houses" that say what the person who pays them wants to be told and causes nervousness in political parties. "The nervousness is especially in those who pay false surveys to publish them but actually know the guts of them," he added.


On the other hand, he has referred to the manipulation he suffers from other political parties, those who think he has to give his votes, "those who obey Emmanuel Macron" or Pablo Casado, who according to him one day speaks well and another evil of Vox. "I'm a bit confused because he says he is on the extreme right and when the elections come and they are going to agree with us we are on the right," he added.

"One day he says that Vox has to return to the common house and it is a new party that has nothing to do with the PP and is defending things that you have not dared to defend now or ever," he said while asking Casado to clarify because "he has a monumental mess".

Abascal has concluded that beyond manipulation are political adversaries who "are not acting in the best way" because they do not dare to make a "real change" that responds to the will of historical change that the Andalusians want.


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