April 21, 2021

Santi Comesaña: "It's very nice to identify Rayo with the touch game" | sports

Santi Comesaña: "It's very nice to identify Rayo with the touch game" | sports

For teams that choose to organize around the possession of the ball, few positions are more important than the organizer of the game. It is almost impossible to conceive the great Barcelona of Cruyff without Guardiola, just as you can not imagine the Barcelona of Guardiola without Busquets, who rose from the Third Division to snatch the post to a force of nature as Toure Yayá. Players like Ardiles, Rijkaard, Redondo or Pirlo respond to different characteristics, but they share something in common: sooner or later, they all went to the machine room of their teams to put the gears to work.

Thinking about these referents, the first name that comes to the head of Santi Comesaña, Rayo Vallecano player, is Busquets himself: "I was very impressed when we played against Barcelona, ​​it seems that you are going to steal all the balls, But the game is over and you have not taken away any, always put your foot in before. "

At age 22, in the season of its premiere in First, the Galician has been entrusted with the same mission as that of Sabadell in Barça. With nuances, of course: Rayo occupies descent positions and is one point away from the squares that give access to permanence. None of this makes capsize the firm commitment that the club has been making years for touch and association as a way to victory.

From the Ciudad Deportiva del Rayo, after training, before facing Atlético at Vallecas on Saturday (16.15), Comesaña takes a few minutes of rest to sit down, park his apparent shyness and take stock. He is convinced of the style: "I think it's very nice to start identifying a humble team like Rayo with such a marked idea of ​​play, people like to try to get the ball played, even if we make mistakes sometimes. The proof is that they were with us when we only had eleven points and it seemed that we were dead. "

At the beginning of the season, Michel did not have it easy to put together an alignment according to his idea. With Fran Beltrán, the anchor of the team, on the way to Celta and Gorka Elustondo physically touched, the Madrid player reviewed the template and ran into the 1.88m of Comesaña, an interior that came to guide the team's game in the season of promotion to First hand of Unai López. "It did not surprise me that he asked me to delay the position, and at the end, with my height, I do not have the facility to turn in three field quarters that Trejo has, and in the Rayo the midfielders always have to run a lot because Míchel he asks us to press very high, it did not cost me to adapt, "he reflects. The technician's instructions, he explains, are precise: join the two power stations and quickly find the first pass line.

First difficulties

Accustomed to the round trip of the Second and Second B matches, the search for these paths becomes the most important challenge for the midfielder, especially when the Rayo faces teams like Getafe, with diametrically opposed philosophy: "When you face a team that defends so much together, everything turns into opposing jerseys, you do not find any of the gaps that the coach has shown you in the videos, but this does not happen to us alone, we just have to see where the Getafe is in the league. They are doing very well. "

Far from the constancy of the blues, if for some reason the Rayo season stands out for the irregularity. After an unpromising start to the season, the team chained four victories and a draw in five games between the end of December and January. However, the last league matches, which could have taken the team down the well, have resulted in two defeats against Leganés and Espanyol. The player defines the moment of the team: "What is costing us the most is playing without paying so much attention to the scoreboard.The match that best defines us is that of Celta.We started winning and then we seized and they came back to us. losing, we freed ourselves again and ended up going around the game again. "

Comesaña is explained calmly, with a tenuous voice with which she tries to simplify ideas in the same way she tries to solve with simplicity the passes where a loss means an occasion against. He only gets into his chair when he tries to catch a glimpse of the end of the season: "I want Rayo, and I want him to be saved, not only by me, but by the team, I've lived here very difficult things, like the year when We went down to Segunda B, and I also have unforgettable memories like the season of promotion, I think we will save ourselves, and, in addition, we will do it before the last day ".

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