Santi Castellano and Yasmina Castro prevail in the Artenara Trail

Yasmina Castro, during the current edition of the Artenara Trail

Yasmina Castro, during the current edition of the Artenara Trail
Carlos Diaz Recio

The queen test of the event has witnessed the generational change that the trail this year. Two young runners like Santi Castellano and Yasmina Castro have won the victory against more experienced athletes, and both are celebrating their first victory on the Artenara Trail today. Castellano beat Alberto González and Esteban García in an exciting final, while Castro did the same against Davinia Déniz and Lara Padrón.

Twelve years of enjoyment of the Artenara Trail are those that have been celebrated this Saturday in the summit town of Gran Canaria. One of the pioneering tests of the trail on the islands that highlights the beauty of the Artenara trails and a great boost for the economy and the revitalization of its town, which each year warmly welcomes one of the most recognized races in the archipelago.

Today the festival has brought together 600 participants, who, divided into two distances - 19 and 10 kilometers -, have been able to enjoy the landscapes of the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria and the towns of Artenara through which the test runs such as Lugarejos, El Tablado, Bajalobo, Las Arbejas or El Toril. Both tests have served to start the Canarian Trail League, the circuit of the Canarian Athletics Federation that will tour the islands in search of the best runners on the regional scene.


Male classification

  1. Santiago Castellano - 01:42:57

  2. Alberto González - 01:43:16

  3. Esteban Garcia - 01:44:26

Female classification

  1. Yasmina Castro - 02:04:15

  2. Davinia Deniz - 02:08:44

  3. Lara Padrón - 02:12:39

Team classification

  1. CD Trotadunas - 06:33:56

  2. Team La Peñita - 06:52:05

  3. VSK Imps - 07:11:45


The first of the tests to start this Saturday was the shortest in the event program, a route of just 10 kilometers but with a powerful unevenness that has favored the most mountaineers. In this race, the Gran Canaria Octavio León has prevailed over the Irish Eoin Flynn and Samuel Santana to become champion, while Yasmina Sánchez, Sandra Moreno and Miriam Quintana have taken the women's podium,

Male classification

  1. Octavio Leon - 00:55:48

  2. Eoin Flynn - 00:57:33

  3. Samuel Santana - 00:57:56

Female classification

  1. Yasmina Sánchez - 01:16:05

  2. Sandra Moreno - 01:16:58

  3. Miriam Del Pino Quintana - 01:20:53

Team classification

  1. Canarysport - 03:10:42

  2. Yeepa Trail - 3:33:47

  3. Hello Hello - 03:36:45

In addition, the Artenara Trail has served to close the combined classification of the Arista racing circuit made up of the LPA Trail, Entre Cortijos and the Artenara test itself. In this classification of regularity, Santi Castellano and Graciela Acosta have been the winners, with Loli Muñoz and Ángel Villén in second position and with Octavio León and Yasmina Castro as third. The 'Team La Peñita' has taken the team classification.

The Artenara Trail says goodbye until 2022, in which the event will once again surprise with new attractions that will make Artenara the focus of the trail. This 2021 edition has been promoted by the Artenara City Council, organized by Arista Eventos and has been sponsored by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through the Insular Institute of Sports and the Tourist Board. The companies Aguacana, Emicela, Xtravans and Gesemecri have collaborated in the success of Artenara Trail.


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