Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Santander will invest 20,000 million in 4 years for the digital transformation

Santander invertirá 20.000 millones en cuatro años para la transformación digital

The bank Santander, who presides Ana
Booty, has decided to bet on new technologies firmly. He announced on Wednesday that he will invest 20,000 million in four years to boost his transformation
digital. The objective is "to improve the experience with the client, increase their confidence and reduce costs".

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For this, all its infrastructure will be hosted in the cloud and intends to operate with global platforms managed with agile technologies. To stand up to some fintech and aggregators, Santander has defined that "the cornerstone of the open platform of financial services are payments". In this segment, it expects that revenues will grow around 9% annually.

Payment FX

The Cantabrian bank is going to launch an international transfer service

In addition, the Cantabrian bank will launch an international transfer service, which will be called
Payment FX
. Your Brazilian subsidiary Getnet it will become a global platform for payments with cards and dataphones. And it will launch a global trading platform so that SMEs can more easily access international business.

Santander works with 1.2 million businesses in the world, with a turnover of 150,000 million. Hence, it is ranked among the top ten companies in the world by card sales volume.

Operational improvements

The entity aims to save about 1,200 million euros a year progressively

With the operational improvements, Santander intends to save some 1,200 million a year progressively.

In the update of its strategic plan, which is being carried out today in Londonhas reduced its management structure in Europe, South America Y North America. In addition, the steering committee will put the focus on the banking business. He has appointed Gerry
Byrne responsible for Europe. In South America, the person responsible will be Sergio
Rial and in North America Hector
Grisi Y Scott
Powell they will run the business. All will report to the CEO José

The president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín

The president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín
(Emilia Gutiérrez)

In terms of solvency ratios, the bank aims to achieve a profitability of 13-15% and its top quality capital expects it to be between 11-12%. Its efficiency ratio expects it to be below 45%. And finally, it hopes to increase the percentage of profits that goes to dividends between 40-50%.

In Spain intends to increase its business with SMEs taking advantage of the know-how from the bank Popular, which bought for one euro. It expects profitability to reach between 14% and 16% in the medium term, compared to 11% last year.

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