February 28, 2021

Santander proposes early retirement from 55 years with up to 70% of the pensionable salary



Banco Santander has proposed to the unions compensation of 30 days per year worked for employees under 55 who leave the entity, with a maximum of 20 monthly payments, while for those who exceed that age and have been in the bank for more than 15 years offers early retirements ranging from 55% to 70% of the pensionable salary, depending on age.

This has been transferred by union sources to Europa Press, after the negotiation table held this Thursday, in which the bank has raised the economic conditions by age groups for the ERE, which initially will mean the departure of a maximum of 4,000 employees.

For employees under the age of 55 or older but with less than 15 years of seniority in the entity, Santander has proposed the payment of 30 days per year worked, with a limit of 20 monthly payments.

For workers between 55 and 57 years old with at least 15 years of seniority, it offers the 65% of pensionable salary, with a discount of the amount of unemployment for two years, or 55% of the pensionable salary, with 50% of the personal voluntary complement and discount of the amount of unemployment for two years, as well as a special agreement up to 63 years, with maximum revaluation of the special agreement 1%.

On the other hand, employees between 58 and 61 years old (with 15 years of seniority) are offered to leave the entity with 70% of the pensionable salary or 65% of the pensionable salary and 50% of the personal voluntary complement, in addition to a special agreement up to 63 years.

Finally, for workers aged 62 or over, Santander proposes a compensation of 20 days per year worked, with up to a maximum of 12 monthly payments.

From CC.OO. consider that the proposals is “unaffordable”, since “it is far from the agreements of other occasions.” The union has requested that, before discussing the economic conditions of the ERE, the perimeter of dismissals be reduced with internal flexibility measures. In this sense, they have claimed to know the plans that the bank has to be able to absorb more than 1,000 positions.

For its part, UGT continues to consider that the adjustment proposed by the company is “inadmissible as disproportionate” and has assured that the conditions “are totally insufficient to cover this file with real voluntary will ».

“We think that a new organizational and productive model can be established that has absolutely all the people who currently make up the Banco Santander workforce,” they have indicated from UGT.

Given that Banco Santander continues with its intention to execute the ERE, the union has presented a series of proposals to the table, such as reducing the number of office closures and the reduction of employees or a maximum percentage of denials of voluntary adhesions.

It has also established priority of permanence in the bank to employees with serious illness, unless they request it and, where appropriate, with priority in accepting exit.

The same has been requested for other groups such as an active member of a marriage already affected by one of Santander’s previous EREs, people on maternal or paternal leave, or employees whose partner is unemployed, among others.

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