May 14, 2021

Santander participates in a global trial of an experimental treatment of myeloma

Santander participates in a global trial of an experimental treatment of myeloma

The Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital of Santander participates in a worldwide trial to apply a BITE antibody in patients with multiple myeloma in relapse, with no response to all current treatments.

The Ministry of Health of Cantabria notes in a press release that currently one of the most promising strategies for the treatment of cancer is immunotherapy, which involves the reactivation of the immune system against tumors.

In this type of therapies, it is the patient's own defenses that attack the cancer, once they are properly directed through specific treatments.

Within this strategy, one of the most attractive possibilities is the use of BITE (Bispecific T Cell Engagers) antibodies, which are molecules that bind a cell type of the immune response, the T lymphocytes (through the CD3 protein), with the cells of certain types of cancer, facilitating the attack on tumor cells.

One of these new antibodies (CC93269), developed by the biopharmaceutical company Celgene, is being evaluated for the first time in humans through a global trial involving 10 hospitals, four from the United States and six from Europe. , one of them Valdecilla.

In fact, currently the only European patient included in the trial has been treated in Cantabria under the supervision of Dr. Arancha Bermúdez, specialist of the Valdecilla Hematology Service, which has a long history in the treatment of complex hematological diseases and is a national reference in transplants.

In addition, Dr. Enrique Ocio, expert in the field of multiple myeloma and with extensive research experience in this type of studies, has recently joined as Head of the Hematology Service.

To participate in this type of study, Valdecilla has a Clinical Trial Unit, which depends on the Clinical Pharmacology Service and is part of the support services for the Valdecilla Health Research Institute (Idival).


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