September 21, 2020

Santander opens its first cafeteria with financial services in Argentina

Santander opens its first cafeteria with financial services in Argentina

The Santander Río bank, a subsidiary in Argentina of the Spanish group Santander, today inaugurated its first Work Café in the South American country, a cafeteria where financial services and collaborative work spaces are provided for clients and non-clients.

The new service point, located in the Recoleta capital district, replicates a coffee branch model already launched by the Spanish financial group in Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

In this new space, in addition to drinking coffee, financial services can be operated through ATMs and digital channels at a longer time than the classic bank branches.

In addition, the site has wide common spaces, rooms and free internet connection to encourage collaborative work between entrepreneurs, whether or not customers of the bank Rio.

"It's something very innovative, we think of it as a space for work, for new ideas, as a platform for new businesses," Silvia Tenazinha, Commercial Manager of Santander Río, said at the opening of the Work Café.

For its part, the bank's Digital Transformation Manager, Marisa Lupi, explained that it is a proposal that combines the digital banking experience with the possibility of "coworking" and of building a "business network" by having a coffee.

"Our customers are increasingly digital and technological, so the proposal of this place is digital but with a team of people in the care that makes each customer experience unique," said Lupi.

Tenazinha said that Santander Río plans to open a second branch of Work Café next March, in the central province of Córdoba.

"What we want is for this to be an incubator of new businesses, if new businesses arise, we will surely have business later," he said.

The Santander Río bank has 482 branches in Argentina, with 3.4 million customers, including 290,000 SMEs and 15,000 companies and institutions.


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