March 8, 2021

Santander Music Festival 2019: dance to celebrate | Miss Festivals Blog

In the taxi back home after the first day of the Santander Music The driver — a pleasant and talkative countryman — was remembering what party nights were like in Reinosa when he was a kid, a few decades ago. So they did know how to have fun, they went down to the canteen to look for some girl who wanted to dance and spent the night hours surrounded by familiar faces, those that accompany you throughout life. Collecting memories is priceless or outdated. In a few years, yes, the story will be different, and in the memory of the thirties now The cantinas will be music festivals and the girls will no longer be waiting for anyone to dance. Many of them have done it alone and others have danced accompanied in this eleventh edition of the Cantabrian music festival. An appointment that has filled the Magdalena campaign from August 1 to 3 with a poster for very varied tastes, a schedule that has attracted a total of 14,500 attendees during the three days – about 17,000 if we count the vermouth midday sessions -.

Santander Music 2019 started on Thursday with La Plata, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, Carolina Durante, Amatria and Bad gyal. A tasting menu that, when it was the turn of the Catalan and its non-direct, became a menu of the day for which many asked for the claim sheet. Thus, the cries of disappointment intermingled with the apologies of the trap for sound problems. While, in the first rows, the very young fans of the artist lived their own festival – in some cases accompanied by an adult watchman – and, unrelated to the drama, reproduced the lyrics and movements of their urban hymns. Of course, when Diego Ibáñez and his band said goodbye that night with Cayetano, the tension the environment had already dissipated and had moved to social networks, which is where all the tensions end.

morgan santander music

Morgan at Santander Music 2019.

Friday when Morgan opened the second day of the festival, Bad Gyal's thing seemed like a dream you start to wake up from. The voice of Nina (Carolina de Juan) filling the sunset by the beach broke at a time of Marry you, when he ran out of air and asked his band: "Do we repeat again?" without losing an iota of their naturalness. After the Madrid people completed the Second Night, the British Kaiser Chiefs, Cupid and Mastodon. The formation of Asier Etxeandia and Enrico Barbaro began at the rate of Glacier and was surrounded by many followers who surely already knew what the stage would suffer with the jumps and contortions of the interpreter: “He who dances best is the one who celebrates himself best”, clarified later still possessed by the tribal fury that shows his show.

virginia diaz

Session of Virginia Díaz on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the Santander Music festival.

For the last day Santander Music was reserved Toteking rap & roll, accompanied by his brother Shotta, DJ Nexxa and the members of A Contra Blues, who gave the Sevillian rapper live a festive cape with which everyone seemed comfortable. On Saturday also Zahara sounded, Carlos Sadness, Fuel Fandango and ELYELLA. And between the concerts, the music put it, one more year, the journalist of Radio 3, Virginia Diaz, who returned to the festival after his surreal experience with Calvin Harris from a few years ago to keep the hype musical of the attendees between concert and concert. The next one will be in 2020, but while this moment arrives, those who want to repeat or try the festival experience should know that fertilizers are already on sale for the next edition, the twelfth. Let's see how we dance until then.

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