Santander League: Valencia forget to win at Mestalla | sports

Santander League: Valencia forget to win at Mestalla | sports

Valencia has forgotten to win in Mestalla. After the dispute of nine days, the group of Marcelino accumulates seven draws, five as local, a victory in Anoeta and a defeat in Cornellà. Faced with an orderly and very limited Leganés, Marcellin's group was blocked in attack and was only able to scratch a lucky tie with five minutes to go. Five games without winning represent the worst historical record of Valencia in Mestalla at the beginning of the championship.

The obvious defensive improvement that Valencia had shown before the break had to be accompanied by greater productivity in the finishing zone. The Leganés was, a priori, the ideal rival. The exit was convincing, with the group of Marcelino taking the initiative and attacking by both lanes, especially on the left, where Gayà showed his great moment. Arrivals, on the other hand, did not occur. The team, with obvious problems all season in positional attack, was blocked. It came well to the line of three quarters but there it got thicker. The best occasion came in a shot by Gameiro after a Wass center that was canceled out of play. The Valencia inflated to take corners but did not finish any.

The Leganés, ordered but very limited, was limited to defending himself, first with a defense of four and then with one of five. Although the ball was from Valencia and his players gave it as soon as they recovered it, it did not get messed up. In order he found the prize. That order did not let Valencia run and deprived of space a team that was anxious with the passage of minutes.

Until the appearance of the VAR, the Leganés had enough to defend itself. In the 61st minute, Garay had a bad profile for the punt and did not notice the arrival of Óscar. The Argentine, in his attempt to reject, hit the small forward and knocked him down. The game continued but the VAR pointed to the penalty. Gumbau beat Neto and made the 0-1.

The goal knocked out Valencia, who did not answer the blow. Without punching, despite the entry of Batshuayi by Piccini, Marcelino's team abused the game horizontally and chose badly, another game, in their scant vertical arrivals. Marcelino moved Wass to the right side and attacked with Rodrigo, Gameiro and Batshuayi. And with ten minutes to go he retired Coquelin -his defensive midfielder-, joined Parejo with Soler in the center and put Ferran Torres in the game.

Marcelino's movement of pieces worked. In one of those, Parejo opened for Gayà, who cut and threw to door; the ball bounced in Juanfran and got, rebound, in the goal of Cuéllar. It was minute 85 and Valencia broke free of the corset. In 89 Gameiro missed a magnificent Parejo ball. There he stayed, short, the reaction.

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