May 16, 2021

Santander League: Luis Suárez pays tribute to Messi and Barcelona golea to Eibar | sports

Santander League: Luis Suárez pays tribute to Messi and Barcelona golea to Eibar | sports

Barca seemed to await the goal 400 of Messi at LaLiga. I did not break to play even for a moment and the games ran lately monotonously even in the Camp Nou. There was no talk of football, not even of the winter champion, but of the laziness of the substitutes, the bad signings, the price of Coutinho and of little weight of the Masia. He scored 10 and for a while the stadium shuddered with a few interventions from Coutinho and especially from Luis Suárez that evoked the best version of Barcelona. Although the joy was short-lived, because the team quickly recovered the coldness and the trade that distinguishes him right now, it was worth honoring as was necessary the 400 Messi.

The Eibar he applauded the inevitable goal of 10 and then recovered the thread of the meeting before the approval of the already satisfied Barcelona. There are few teams that condition both the game and the gunsmith, even when the opponent is Barcelona, a flexible and versatile campus with Valverde. To the technician it seemed that Arthur and Coutinho assured a better exit and handling of the ball before the pressure and intensity that the formations of Mendilibar propose. More than Vidal's energy and imbalance of Dembélé, Brazilian finesse was imposed to fight an opponent who does not breathe, runs and steals, puts centers and auctions without stopping, just as fierce at home that was, always shot down anyway by Barca. And Valverde was right.


Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto (Semdo, m.83), Piqué, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Rakitic, Sergio Busquets (Arturo Vidal, m.66), Arthur (Dembélé, m.71); Messi, Luis Suárez and Coutinho. Not used: Cillesen; Murillo, Denis Suárez and Aleñá.

Eibar: Risk; Peña, Bigas, Arbilla, Cote; Escalante (Kike García, m.77), Diop; Orellana, Jordán, Cucurella (De Blasis, m 64); and Sergi Enrich (Marc Cardona, m.83). Not used: Dmitrovic; Sergio Álvarez, Oliveira and Pere Milla.

Goals: 1-0. M. 19. Luis Suárez. 2-0. M. 53. Messi. 3-0. M.59. Luis Suárez

Referee: Gil Manzano. He showed yellow card to Sergi Enrich, Luis Suárez and Piqué. VAR: Martínez Munuera.

Camp Nou. 71,039 spectators.

Although never renouncing his identity, Eibar has lost the thread of LaLiga since he thrashed Madrid after a performance full of Cucurella, the side that competed with Miranda to be the replacement of Jordi Alba. Cucurella visited the Camp Nou as the owner of Eibar, while Miranda played in the Miniestadi, and on his flank, the Catalan converted into a left-handed interior, his team breathed very well, so much so that Rakitic had to double Sergi Roberto. The compact game of Eibar contrasted with the patient football of Barça. He did not risk Barcelona but always turned around the ball guarded by the reliable and neat Arthur.

And from a triangulation armed by Arthur, with Busquets, Coutinho and Luis Suárez as protagonists, marked the Barça. The play was quick and precise, at the first touch, difficult to defend and also to finish for any 9. The foreshortening of 9, striker in four of the last five games, was excellent and the leather slipped next to the left post of Risk in the first Barça opportunity before the look of Messi. The Argentine was surprisingly spectator of the 1-0. The 10th took part in a team in a straitjacket, only released by the changes of orientation of Pique and the accelerations of Coutinho.

Valverde does not want to lose any player halfway and less to Coutinho. The Brazilian needs to feel important even when his title implies the substitution of Dembélé. And Coutinho responded to the confidence of the coach with a hat and a more than remarkable performance, crowned with his participation in the 2-0 that supposed the goal of Messi, after a robbery of Luis Suarez, a colossus against Eibar. The 10 crossed the ball with his left foot and prompted some excellent minutes of Barca. The only one who did not respond to the general enthusiasm was, astonishingly, Messi himself, denied in two arrivals against Risk.

The goalkeeper took a header from goal to Luis Suarez before the Uruguayan again beat him with a sensational touch to the exit of a kick out by Sergi Roberto, who entered the wheel of changes after being very demanded and often surpassed by Cucurella. Eibar played the same with 0-0 than with 3-0, with no options after Messi's goal, while Barcelona was lining up with the script of the match, even with the entry of Dembélé.

Valverde's team has developed a tusk, personified in the resounding Luis Suarez, when he was more accustomed to the beauty expressed in Messi. Finished the first round, is a more secure and effective than brilliant team, able to settle in their court and confident in the outbursts of their figures, visible before the Eibar. The plan is to not make mistakes and not take risks but wait at the right time to resolve the game, as happened with Messi's goal 400.

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