July 24, 2021

Santander introduces new features in variable rate mortgages and in «Account 1,2,3»

Santander introduces new features in variable rate mortgages and in «Account 1,2,3»



Santander has announced that it renews its mortgage offer "to give a boost to the market," the bank said in a statement. Specifically, he has launchedna mortgage with a differential of 0.79% on Euribor to variable rate, for operations that finance below 60% of the value of the home. An option that will be available in both Santander and Popular branches. From the bank have explained that with this initiative they seek not only to gain competitiveness but «Adjust the mortgage offer to the risk profile of each client and operation ».

In addition, the entity has maintained the 3% remuneration for the «Account 1,2,3», as well as the bonus of receipts – up to 110 euros per month – has decided to adjust the limit of the remunerated balance from 6,000 euros to 1,000 euros. New conditions applicable from December 10 and whose liquidation will be available from January 2019.

In the statement, the financial institution has stressed that customers of the "Account 1,2,3" may continue benefiting from conditions such as Cash back between 1% and 3% of the amount of receipts such as water, electricity or telephone, as well as insurance or expenses in universities. In addition to local taxes or social insurance, including bonuses of 1% in supermarkets, 2% in gasoline or 3% in purchases made through the card «My Other 1,2,3» in online stores.

On the other hand, the bank has announced that it is going ahead with its «Freemium strategy», based on offering the client the possibility of contracting the same product in its two modalities (free without commissions and premium), initiated with the launch of the 1I2I3 Smart Account for young people from 18 to 31 years old and the Professional Account 1l2l3


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