Santa Rita takes advantage against Unión Gáldar thanks to a great Beneharo

Beneharo Hernández thus culminated the comeback of Santa RIta. / p.reyes

The League runners-up hit first in the Cup, waiting to play the second leg

PETER KINGS The Gran Canarian palms

The first semifinal of the
Caja de Canarias Foundation Cup of Second Category faced the
current league runner-upthe
Santa Rita Soldadura José Caldera and the BNI
Union Galdarwho came undefeated from the first phase.

The victory was by the minimum 12-11 for the locals, which leaves the tie open for the second leg next Friday in the northern city. The clash had different alternatives, since the visitors began quickly ahead 1-4, but between Hacomar Zurita and Cristian Marrero they took the equality to the scoreboard 4-4.

New pull of the northerners thanks to Fran Moreno and Mario Roger4-6, but José Mendoza gave the first to captain Fran Moreno who was injured in the second and Marrero had no problems with the youthful Néstor Vega, 6-6.

Until Beneharo put the team on his back

With 8-7 and after giving the first to the outstanding Kiki Ojeda,
Mendoza was injured with possible shoulder dislocation and Marrero was eliminated due to one more warning against the outstanding A visitor, Moisés Pérez, 8-10.

Beneharo Hernández put the team on his back and first he could With Javier González while Marcos Correia and Moisés Pérez separated, 10-11.

Later he gave the two in a row to the other outstanding B Galdense, Carlos Santana,
11-11 and in the final grabs he did the same with Kiki Ojedaalthough he had the opportunity on some occasion to take him to the tatami, but the outstanding local B remained standing and ended the fight with a pardelera that lifted the public from the seats.

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