July 11, 2020

Sanitary of Madrid Health will reinforce in IFEMA, primary and follow-up

Doctors and nurses from Madrid Salud, a community health service of the Madrid City Council, will strengthen health care at the Ifema field hospital, primary care and also in the surveillance of those infected with coronavirus in their homes.

Specifically, thirty health officials from Madrid Salud, including doctors, nurses and psychologists, who will provide their services from this week, as announced by the City Council in a statement.

Other workers at Madrid Salud have taken over the COVID-19 tests since Wednesday for essential personnel of the Madrid City Council.

During this crisis, Madrid Salud has already dedicated itself to informing the general population and specifically “municipal staff (more than 40,000 among municipal employees, public companies and autonomous organizations), while also following and monitoring the cases detected “, has detailed the municipal government.

Work is also continuing on health promotion both from the municipal community care centers and from the addiction care centers (CAD) and from the pharmacy unit, the Municipal Police, Firemen or Samur are served.

Public health and drug dependence also depend on Madrid Health, guaranteeing, for example, food security or responding to “outbreaks and alerts that may arise”.


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