July 25, 2021

Sanidad approves a job offer in the Canary Islands of 7,198 seats – La Provincia

Sanidad approves a job offer in the Canary Islands of 7,198 seats - La Provincia

The Health Sector Board has approved on Wednesday the decree agreement of a Public Offer of Employment (OPE) for 2018 with 6,078 seats in a meeting chaired by the director of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS), Conrado Domínguez. The proposal has had the favorable votes of CEMSATSE, UGT and CCOO and the abstentions of SEPCA and ASACA and Intersindical Canaria, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands in a note.

It was also agreed to include a call for 2018 with 565 seats to which we must add the 5,513 to the additional OPE that will be called, also, this year. The remaining correspond to 507 of the OPE of 2016 and 613 to the one of 2017, with which all the places will be launched in their entirety.

OPE of 2018 and additional OPE

The call of the OPE of 2018 with 565 places agreed this morning at the meeting of the Health Sector Board will consist of 31 labor categories, will be composed of 153 social worker positions, 123 of Facultativos Area Specialists (FEA), 106 of Nursing Assistant, 35 Administrative Assistant, 33 guards, 25 family doctors, among other categories.

For its part, the additional OPE will affect 60 categories and will have 1,363 positions for social workers, 1,059 Nursing Assistants, 766 FEA, 629 administrative assistants, 412 family doctors and 89 laboratory technicians, among other categories.

Both OPEs include, in addition, places for categories such as electrician, cleaner, kitchen, ironing, laundry or telephone operator, among others.

This call for OPE is complemented by the places corresponding to the 2016 call consisting of 507 places: 60 for FEA, 64 for midwives, 55 for Specialists in Radiodiagnosis and 328 for Nursing Assistants; and that of 2017 with 613: 111 for Nursing Assistant, 90 for FEA, Family Physicians and Primary Care Pediatrician, 88 for Nursing, 51 for Physiotherapy, 40 for Laboratory Specialist Technician, 25 for midwives, 20 for Emergency Medicine Hospital, 8 for dental hygienist.

Other agreements of the Sector Board

In addition, during the meeting the procedure for the selection and appointment of the managerial staff was also discussed, which implies initiating a process of professionalization of SCS management personnel. It is an initiative included in the Commitment for the Improvement of Public Health that is concretized with the proposal discussed at today's meeting.


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