August 13, 2020

Sanfermines 2019: They fine a waiter with 4,000 euros for grabbing the bull by the horn in two confinements – La Provincia

A 26-year-old man, born in Valencia, has been sanctioned by a double breach of the ordinance of confinement in two different days. In both, the waiter has grabbed the bull by the horn or the back, aspect that is prohibited according to the order of the Encierro.

Therefore, two sanctions have been imposed, one of 1,000 euros for grabbing the bull in the encierro on July 10 and another one of 3,000 euros, for reoffend in his behavior in the confinement of the past July 12. The young man has been identified this Saturday when he was preparing to run the confinement.

The Local Board of Civil Protection has also known the detention this past night of a man by touching a woman. He is also accused of an alleged crime of injury, since later he got into a fight with those who accompanied the woman. Also, yesterday a complaint was registered for some events that occurred on the first day of holidays. The facts are being investigated and pending qualification.

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