Sandro, the dream come true of UD Las Palmas

Sandro, in one of his last games with the Huesca shirt. / ef

The delay in the termination of his contract with Huesca delays his arrival in Gran Canaria to sign his new yellow contract

PETER GARCIA The Gran Canarian palms

Sandro Ramirez, the fulfilled dream of UD Las Palmas. In the next few hours the signing of him by the yellow club will be made official, a contract for several seasons will bind both parties. He becomes the sixth signing of the new sports project.

The delay in the termination of his contract with SD Huesca throughout yesterday delayed his
arrival in Gran Canaria. Moreover, the operation for his presentation had been prepared in the Ciudad Deportiva de Barranco and García Pimienta's intention was and is, if the registration in the League is done on time, to include him in the list of summoned for the game this Monday In Malaga.

On July 23, CANARIAS7, already announced that the player chosen to wear the shirt with number 9 behind him was the Gran Canarian Sandro Ramírez, a forward raised in the yellow house since he was a youngster and who, after reaching the top in a Barcelona where he won titles and fame, continued to make a career at Malaga, Everton, Seville, Real Sociedad, Valladolid , Huesca and Getafe.

With a contract in force with the Huesca club until 2024, he was always clear that he wanted to leave. Moreover, Huesca promised him in 2020, after relegation to the Second Division, that if at any time an offer from UD Las Palmas arrived, he would automatically be free. With better offers from foreign clubs,
Sandro gave the floor to the president Miguel Ángel Ramírez, a key figure in all this negotiation for his patience in undertaking the signingwho would do everything possible to join the project.

There was a moment during this whole process when the signing was far away because the economic pretensions were unfeasible for UD Las Palmas. However, when the possibility of tackling the signing again was reactivated, President Miguel Ángel began to make a move. As a courtesy gesture, UDLas Palmas made a first offer as a courtesy gesture to a club with which they have very good relations. The initial conditions between the clubs contemplated a first payment of
500,000 euros as a transfer until June 30, 2023 and, in the event of promotion to the First Division, 1,500,000 euros would be paid to the Huesca entity to acquire the economic and sporting rights of the forward.

It was then, when a few days ago, the footballer entered the scene, because he did not agree with the formula chosen to carry out the operation. His desire and enthusiasm to start a new stage as a player of the
UD Las Palmas I only saw her with a long-term contract.

Sandro is a fast striker, with a goal, a set-piece specialist who, from a very young age, was captured by the scouts of the
FC Barcelona. After a great season at Malaga he was transferred to the English league. Now, in full football maturity, he wants to become one of the participants in the project of a UD that is seriously looking for its return to the First Division.

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