Sandra, with clear ideas on 'First dates': "I don't want to support anyone"

the restaurant of 'first dates' opened its doors this Thursday to receive Sandra, a "very active" woman throughout the day. "Until I go to bed I don't stop", assured the businesswoman during her presentation. The dating show set her up on a blind date with Fernando, who leads a much quieter lifestyle.

"The covid It has been good for me in quotes, because I have been able to stop to think about myself and that the life I led was not the most appropriate. I am very sorry for what is happening in the world, but I have to admit that for me it has been a before and after in my life", assured the man from Madrid. After the presentations, the two diners went inside the restaurant to enjoy the evening and get to know each other more in depth. "I am a businesswoman in the automotive sector. It comes from the family, my father has had a workshop all his life. He runs one and I have mine in Reus with my team," revealed Sandra.

Fernando, for his part, explained that he is dedicated to marketing and public relations. "I was also in a communication agency, and right now I'm out of work", he pointed. Specifically, he has been in this situation for two years: "I am between Marbella and Madrid. Now I am calm, I can afford it."

"That's great. Well, if you can afford it, go ahead," answered Sandra, who in some camera totals expanded her perspective on what Fernando had told her: "I do not want to support anyone, that is very clear. Neither that they support me nor maintain"

However, this did not end up being a problem at the time of making the final decision. Fernando assured that he had been very comfortable with Sandra and that I was willing to go on a second date, while she remained in the same vein: "I've had a great time."

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