Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Sandra Barneda presents the final debate of ‘The island of temptations’

The island of temptations

It comes to an end. After the special delivery that this Thursday has been celebrated and where it has been possible to see how the life of the couples who have participated in this has changed reality show, this Friday, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Telecinco will issue the final chapter with a debate presented by Sandra Barneda

This is the final debate between the different couples, where the contestants of the program will discuss and comment on how the space presented by Mónica Naranjo has developed. Will there be any variation or some more reproach regarding what has happened Tonight in the Thursday special?

'The Island of Temptations': Fani's reaction to hearing Rubén's 'no'

‘The Island of Temptations’: Fani’s reaction to hearing Rubén’s ‘no’

The truth is that probabilities are not lacking. East reality show Mediaset has become a social phenomenon since Christofer’s cry on the beach who was his girlfriend, Estefanía, went viral. Word of mouth has done the rest and currently
The island of temptations

it has become the revelation format it’s from the season.

In addition, the final fire that issued Four on Tuesday left no room for doubt. The outcome had everything. Since the number of Rubén to Estefanía after she and Christofer ended their relationship until the request of Jose and Adelina. Everything happened and the quarrels raised during the program today can be saved.

'The Island of Temptations': Adelina accepts Jose's proposal and puts on the ring: We have a wedding!

‘The Island of Temptations’: Adelina accepts Jose’s proposal and puts on the ring: We have a wedding!

All this after the tense reunion lived this Thursday where it has been known how the life of the leading couples of this has changed reality show. Will any of the pending conversations have made their effect and will cause an unexpected script turn from one day to the next? What will they have to say when they remember what they have lived? There are still more images.

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