March 3, 2021

Sanders leads the intention to vote in California for the Democratic primary

Senator Bernie Sanders leads the intention to vote in California among aspiring Democrats ahead of the US presidential elections, followed by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, according to a poll released Monday.

According to a study by the California Public Policy Institute (PPIC), Sanders obtains 27% preference among voters in this state, while Biden achieves 24% and Warren steps on his heels with 23%.

Among Latinos, Sanders added 38% of preference, Biden 25% and Warren 15%, as reflected in this study made to 530 Democratic and independent voters who plan to defray in the primary process of this party and that in California they will celebrate next March 3.

“The Democratic primary presidential (competition) continues to be a close competition between Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren,” Mark Baldassare, president and chief executive officer of PPIC, said.

According to Baldassare, Biden “is seen as the candidate with the best chance of defeating Trump, while Sanders has strong support among young voters.”

Candidate Pete Buttigieg achieved 6% preference, while Senator Amy Klobuchar obtained 4% and businessman Andrew Yang 3%, the study reveals.

The results released today by PPIC, which are part of a more detailed study on voting preferences in California and will be released on Wednesday, take on special relevance in view of the next electoral debate that will take place on Tuesday in Des Moines ( Iowa).

For this debate they qualified, according to the rules imposed by the Democratic Party, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Tom Steyer.

Compared to a November 2019 survey, Sanders achieved a 10 percentage point increase, while the Biden and Warren figures were “identical to those of two months ago,” Baldassare explained of this study conducted between January 3 and 12. and with a margin of error of 6.5%.


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