Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Sanctioned for refusing to carry a 350 kilogram patient – La Provincia

Sanctioned for refusing to carry a 350 kilogram patient - La Provincia

The Hospital de Manises (Valencia) has sanctioned a caretaker of the center who refused to help the mobilization of Teófilo Rodríguez, the patient with morbid obesity admitted to the center, because there was not available the necessary staff that establishes the protocol of the center for this type of cases, as reported by union sources.

The acts occurred on Saturday, October 6, when, during the night shift, the hygiene work of the young man from Turis, weighing 385 kilos and entering the center as a "social" income, was going to be carried out. last month of August.

A watchman it was required to attend to the patient, but since there were not the number of workers that the protocol establishes as necessary to attend cases of morbid obesity patients, it refused to carry out the mobilization, according to the same sources.

As a result, a sanction file was opened and he was suspended from work and salary for seven days for the commission of a serious offense. The employee He has already rejoined his position.

The protocol of the center lists the minimum resources for the mobilization of a patient with morbid obesity: two assistants, a nurse and four caretakers. However, union sources have assured Europa Press that during weekends there are not enough human resources to comply with this regulation.

In the specific case of Teo, "every time we have to mobilize it there must be a number of people and on weekends they fall short, they do not have enough guards to be able to take care of it". "They have been told several times and, in one of them, one of the guards refused to go up because the number of guards is not the one that guides the protocol," they have denounced from the unions.

"Work overload"

From the center "they hide that there were a number of people there equal to the protocol, but it is not the number of guards, nurses and auxiliaries set," the same sources have warned, before insisting that "everyone has its function and must carry a weight ".

The union sections of CCOO Y UGT They have previously stated the lack of staff in the night shift and weekends, not having a sufficient number of guards throughout the hospital. Thus, they denounce the "work overload" suffered by this group and that affects both the workers and the quality of care.

At the Hospital de Manises, as specified by union sources, on weekends there are only about three warders and one of them is in the Emergency Room, so he must leave his post in this area to attend to Teo every time he needs to perform a change posture or clean it.

From the union sections say they will continue to demand an increase of guards, a claim that goes back to "many years ago" and that is not limited to the Hospital de Manises.


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