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Two days of loss of duties, with suspension of employment and salary, is the price you will have to pay a Civil Guard agent of the Comandancia de Palma , by disrespect a partner who was developing a security service. He Military Court punishes him for having recriminated to his companion the tone of the color he had used to paint his lips during the serviceas well as he had put on some earrings that were not pearls.

This incident happened in the Comandancia de Palma on the day November 28, 2018 and the disciplinary sanction derives from the complaint presented by the agent, who felt offended by the comment of his partner, who despite having the same job category, believed that it was a lieutenant.

The sentence explains that that day the female agent had security service dand two at ten at night. It was placed in the back of the Command. That afternoon they appeared at this point in the building the agent, accompanied by a corporal and two civil guards, destined in different groups of the Civil Guard. The woman only identified one of them, because she was dressed in the work overalls of her specialty. Therefore, he made the military salute.

According to the sentence, the sanctioned agent addressed his partner and asked if "he didn't greet him". The woman says that he then told her that "you don't know who you are talking to" and then identified as a lieutenant of the Civil Guard. The woman's reaction was instantaneous. He squared, made the military salute and presented himself with his name and surname.

But the most serious thing that the sanction has supposed happened next. According to the complaint made by the female agent, the agent complained that "that lip tone is not regulatory" and also told him that "That earring should be a pearl and be attached to the lobe".

The sanctioned agent held a very different version of how the events had developed. He said he only recriminated his partner that greet only one of the civil guards and the rest not. And then he advised that "If you don't know who you're talking to, you wouldn't have to take the trust you're taking, because you never know who you're talking to, you could be talking to a lieutenant.". In any case, the sanctioned person denied at all times that he had presented himself as a lieutenant of the Civil Guard and insisted that this conversation with his partner took place in a "colloquial and relaxed" environment. At the same time, too He denied that he recriminated the tone of his lipstick or made mention of the earrings he was wearing. The agent said that he had no personal or professional relationship with the partner who reported him, nor had he had problems with her.

The agent was sanctioned by a serious misconduct which consists in committing a serious disregard with peers in the performance of their duties. The sanction was established by the lieutenant general chief of the Civil Guard Operations Command, who imposed a five-day sanction upon understanding that the comment to the female agent had been serious.

The civil guard, however, did not comply with the sanction and presented a resource, in an attempt to believe that he had not belittled any companion. The Military Court, which has analyzed the appeal, only pays attention to the agent on the issue of his possible identification as a lieutenant. The ruling indicates that there are doubts about whether or not he made this comment, although he also points out that the female agent was able to interpret that the person who was dedicating that disregard was a lieutenant. By assuming only part of the resource, the Military Court lowers the penalty imposed, and limits it to a two-day suspension of duties.


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