Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Sanchez's social fridays add almost 900 million more to spending

Sanchez's social fridays add almost 900 million more to spending

The first Council of Ministers in the middle of the electoral campaign lowered yesterday the economic piston of the social Fridays of the Sanchez era. Knowing that from now on each of their decisions will be examined in detail, the Government limited itself to grant almost 900 million euros for operational items. The most important will be destined to the development of the Strategic Framework in SME Policy 2030, together with a package of measures for a total amount of 456 million euros to boost the growth and internationalization of SMEs, and an energy efficiency aid program. Of this item, a total of 98.5 million will go to the public company Enisa to distribute them between areas: the expansion of business, improvement of competitiveness of SMEs and the development of projects of technology-based companies and young entrepreneurs, while that another 50 million, from the FIEM fund, will provide financial support to SMEs in their internationalization. With this, the Government estimates that 1,600 direct jobs will be created and 220 million investment will be mobilized. The largest amount, 307 million, will be allocated to an energy efficiency aid program. The objective focuses on the reduction of final energy consumption in SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector, which represent 25% of the final energy consumption of the State. The largest item will go to Andalusia, with 73.8 million; followed by Catalonia (49.5), Castilla y León (32.4), Comunidad Valenciana (31.2), Madrid (23.7) and Murcia (21.8 million).

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The Government has also approved two contracts for a total of 164.3 million euros, within the framework of the Strategy for the Modernization of Justice, in order to provide the courts, prosecutors and prosecutors with the most advanced computer tools to facilitate the exchange of information between the autonomous communities that have transferred competences and those managed by the Ministry of Justice. The first of the contracts, valued at almost 100 million euros, will go to the public company Ineco, under the Ministry of Public Works, for the support of Electronic Justice, the management of the development center and the digital transformation of judicial offices. The contract is valid until 2022. The second one, estimated at 64.3 million euros, will last five years and will try to give "operational continuity" to the services of Digital Justice, Digital Prosecutor's Office and the rest of the systems that support judicial offices, prosecutors, civil registries, Institutes of Legal Medicine and the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences.

109.5 million euros will also be distributed between the autonomous communities and Ceuta and Melilla for comprehensive assistance to victims of gender violence, victims of sexual assault and mistreatment of minors; 20 million euros for the restoration of closed mines; 29 to shield the communications of the military deployed abroad; 83 to bury the train in Sant Feliu and another 20 so that the autonomies can renew facilities of the Public Employment Service.


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