Sánchez will reshape the Government on Tuesday due to the departure of Iglesias and studies more changes for the candidacy in Madrid

Pedro Sánchez will have to reshape the Government next week before the hasty departure of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, who must leave the portfolio before March 31 to be able to attend the elections called by Isabel Díaz Ayuso for May 4. Madrid’s electoral law establishes that members of the central government cannot be elected deputies in the regional Assembly. Iglesias, who had not paid attention to these regulations, intended to extend his tenure in the Executive until the start of the campaign approached on April 18. Now he assumes that his last Council of Ministers will be next Tuesday. From there, he will have to resign and the president will undertake a reshuffle of the coalition. The scope of the government crisis will depend on the decisions on the candidacy of the PSOE in Madrid, which is being finalized.

Pablo Iglesias will leave the Government before March 31 so that his candidacy is not endangered by the Madrid electoral law

Pablo Iglesias will leave the Government before March 31 so that his candidacy is not endangered by the Madrid electoral law

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In Moncloa they confirm that the changes that affect the second vice presidency will be undertaken on Tuesday. Sánchez could communicate the modifications to the king that same afternoon, the BOE publish the new structure of the Government, and that Yolanda Díaz assumed the third vice-presidency and Nadia Calviño the second immediately or, where appropriate, another member of the Government would have to take over. temporarily of the powers of Churches. What the president’s environment does not take for granted is that all the changes will be undertaken at that time, for example, the promotion to minister of Ione Belarra, as head of Social Affairs and Agenda 2030, or possible changes to strengthen the candidacy of the PSOE in Madrid.

The president wants to “reinforce” Ángel Gabilondo against Isabel Díaz Ayuso and is studying sending a minister to the Madrid list, according to government sources. One of the possible names being analyzed is that of the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who was already number three on the list in 2019, before leaving the Assembly to assume the portfolio. The fringes of the socialist candidacy are emerging at this time.

If Sánchez finally decides to launch a minister to strengthen the list, the government crisis would be more far-reaching, although, according to the sources consulted, it has not yet been decided.

The intention of the Socialists is to present the candidacy as the Government that Gabilondo would lead and the inclusion of a minister – who is being analyzed but not decided – would reinforce that thesis. This is how the general secretary of the Madrid PSOE, José Manuel Franco, referred to the list in the presentation of the number two of the candidacy, Hana Jallou, who will also have to leave the Secretary of State for Migration before next March 31 to be able to attend elections.

Article three of the electoral law of the Community of Madrid prevents “the President and the members of the Government of the Nation and their Secretaries of State from presenting themselves to the regional elections.” In addition, it includes in the following point that this cause of ineligibility must be solved “the same day of the presentation of your candidacy. In the case of the deadlines for the March 4 elections, the lists have to be registered between the 26th and the 31st of this month.


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