March 5, 2021

Sanchez will meet with unions and social groups to formulate a programmatic proposal to United We

Pedro Sánchez will meet in the next few days with unions, associations and social groups to gather his proposals to formulate a government program that will expose United Podemos to support his investiture. This is explained by the acting president in a letter to the PSOE militancy in which he assures that, from these contacts, he will elaborate an "open proposal" that will reach those of Pablo Iglesias.

"We want to build Government. And for this, from tomorrow, I will begin to meet with different civil society groups such as feminist associations, environmentalists, social agents, groups from the third sector so that they can collaborate in the creation of a common space to reach a Progressive government, "says the leader of the PSOE:" Throughout these days we will develop an open proposal based on this common space that will be presented to United We can to reach a programmatic agreement linked to civil society. "

In that letter, in which Sanchez summarizes what he has done to try to move his investiture in July, he makes it clear that the path he now bets on is a solo government supported by United We can from the outside, that is, the Portuguese way .

We can insist on the coalition

Meanwhile, from Podemos, we continue betting on the coalition. This Wednesday Pablo Echenique has gone to the Parliament of Aragon to follow the investiture of the socialist Javier Lambán. There, before the media, he said that "the agreement in Aragon points the way of how to reach a government agreement." There PSOE, Podemos, PAR and CHA will be part of the Coalition Executive headed by the socialist Javier Lambán.

According to the head of the negotiating team of United Podemos, the Aragonese agreement "demonstrates what the citizens of the different political parties expect when there are no absolute majorities: the ability to sit without putting vetoes on the table, so that all political forces have a relevant role in governance. "

Echenique has indicated via Twitter that the presence of the four forces in the Aragonese Government with "relevant competences for all of them", as United We defended in the negotiations for the investiture of Sanchez, "guarantees the stability and the fulfillment of the programmatic agreements".

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