Sanchez will make a speech "of State" in full escalation of tension in Catalonia

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, is prepared today to carry out a speech "of State" during his appearance before the plenary session of the Congress to give an account of the political situation in Catalonia and in full escalation of tension in the community.

Sanchez, according to sources of the Executive, will make an intervention before the deputies centered in which it considers that Spain needs at a time like the present one and before the risks that suppose the radical positions.

Risks both due to the fact that the legality in Catalonia is not respected and because of the consequences of giving wings to parties like Vox after the results obtained in the elections in Andalusia.

His appearance comes at a time of increased tension in Catalonia and after the Executive has ordered the Generalitat to prevent the action of the Defense Committees of the Republic.

On Monday the Government alerted by letter to the Generalitat that it will order the "intervention" of the state security forces if the Mossos do not exercise their function of "guaranteeing public order" after the serious incidents experienced in the tolls of several motorways Catalans during the last weekend.

The Government has received with "surprise" the letters sent by the central government, which has asked not to "go wrong" by applying Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia.

Today, Sanchez intends to reiterate his willingness to dialogue but, at the same time, show the firmness of the Executive by making it clear that he can not allow actions that bypass legality.

But it is not planned in principle to propose concrete measures to the Catalan situation despite the fact that the PP, through its deputy secretary of Organization of the PP, Javier Maroto, has urged the Government to stop being a "coward" in Catalonia and has placed him to apply a 155 "without complexes".

Demand that the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, reiterate in today's plenary session, who has accused Pedro Sánchez of not protecting citizens and has warned him that if he does not act he will be responsible for what happens.

In addition to Catalonia, Sanchez will inform the plenary of the agreements on the 'Brexit' reached at the last European Council and that, according to the President of the Government, represent "a triple historical shield over Gibraltar."

But that agreement was not finally voted on yesterday in the British Parliament after it was assumed that it was not going to get the backing of the House.

Once the appearance of Sanchez is over, the control session will take place in which the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, will ask the president of the government "if he will keep his word and call elections".

From Cs, Albert Rivera, will also want to know if for the Executive "the current political situation responds to the needs of Spanish society."

Gabriel Rufián, of ERC, will ask Sánchez to clarify if he is going to take any action to "try to stop the growth of the extreme right in Spain," in reference to the irruption of Vox in the Andalusian elections.


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