Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Sánchez will extend the state d’alarma fins to April 11, passat Setmana Santa

The Consell de Ministres will agree to authorize the Congress to extend the declaration of the state alarm to Spain for 15 days. End of the proper 11 April, a past season spent the Holy Setmana. Així els hi va Avançar Pedro Sánchez ahir als presidents autonòmics, reunits per segona vegada through videoconference to try to “reform l’acció joint”, and així ho publicly announced later in a nova compareixença a la Moncloa.

The Congress has announced a plea per dimecres, to endorse the extension of the decret d’alarm of March 14. “I am sure that the political forces will understand the national emergency situation they are living through and will donate support to the extension of the state alarm, it is essential to overcome the virus,” Sánchez urged. The PP leader, Pablo Casado, així ho farà.


The Cap de l’Executiu calls for parliamentary support for a “national emergency”

The President of the Government will defend the seva and reacted by announcing five nights, –vegeu el requadre adjunt–, davant les pressions que rep d’alguns presidents autonòmics, singularmente el català Quim Torra and madrilenya Isabel Díaz Ayuso, perquè adopti mesures més contundents i restrictives, with the total amount of the most affected territories –Madrid and Catalonia encapsulating the dramatic ranking of contacts and deaths– or the total amount of business activity except in strategic sectors. “Spain is at the forefront and has been very hard for months, with the confinement of one month in the city. Estem imposant-nos unes mesures d’una extraordinària gravetat ”, will arrive.

Sánchez goes on to say that the Govern is mou in “a difficult equilibrium”, between trying to stop the alarm spread of the virus and now avoiding a huge economic crash when the health emergency was overcome. It will be acknowledged that she has never experienced a “financial crisis” after a week of alarm. “Estem prenent mesures duríssimes”, will insist. I will return to offer and claim the autonomous presidents coordinating, collaborating and solidarity. “In this situation it was not hi cap l’egoisme”, he will warn. I will ensure, in all cases, that there will be rebut d’ells “suport i comprensió”.


The Central Governmet admet the difficult balance to contain the virus sense an economic crash

“Do not waste efforts on irrellevant nuances or absurd matters”, goes concloure, davant les critiques per presumptes blockages in the purchase of sanitary material. During the seva compareixença, Sánchez will avoid the xoc amb Torra or Ayuso, unfortunate that the leaders of the PSOE denounce the “attacks, insidies and infàmies” that they repeat daily. I will insist that extending the alarm is “a hard measure, restrictive measure.” A “drastic and dramatic” initiative to overcome the virus.

If in the conference of presidents of the setmana passada hi there is going to be a unit of which only Torra is going to uncheck, in the d’ahir, they will keep the lleialtat expressed by the parts, they will prioritize nervousness, as well as the leaders of autonomous communities. of the central Govern. I is that during the appointment, the presidents continue to receive news of death to the serious communities. Against which the passada setmana is going to pass, there will be no part of Torra nor of the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, political recriminations or competition. Neither is he going to talk about the state d’alarm that is supposed to be the autogovern, nor is there going to be queixes for the deployment of the former.


Els presidents ja es miren de reüll: “To my em touches the menudalla”, ironitza Mañueco

Sanchez is going to criticize, overot of presidents of the PP, after feeling the praise in which according to seu parer some socialist presidents are defending, but if the Valencià Ximo Puig is also going to demand “accelerate l’operativitat del confinament”, amb more controls and restrictions. No obstant això, they will prioritize the requests, les queixes que no els above sanitary material. Fins and tot among them, some president is going to go, they begin to look at each other, and to retreure’s if they’ve donated more to a community than to another. Alfonso Fernández Mañueco said: “To my m’ha I touched the menudalla”. He will be of the most critical, according to the consulted sources, Amb Ayuso, and it is going to be that the PSOE did not blame them and they attributed to the details. Mañueco is going to demand that Sánchez be posi to the capdavant of tots els territorialis: “No hi pot haver comunitats bones i dolentes”.

Presidents of the PP with the gallec Alberto Núñez Feijóo or the Madrilenian Ayuso es van queixar that the prosecution acted to the residences of the great people of communities governed by people, not ho ho en d’altres. I, as he is going to criticize Casado, hopes that he did not follow a political maneuver against Seva.


“It is not blocking”, concluded the Moncloa from the denunciations of help.

The majority of interventions are going to refer to the lack of material and the lack of agility in the distribution of the one sent by the Ministry of Health, in addition to expressing doubts about the criteria that are followed, as they do not understand that n ‘ It arrived at some communities and so few in d’altres, in proportion to the population and the name d’afectats registrats.

Davant who consider a canvi de criteri of the Spanish Government, that a setmana is going to be erected in a central of compres i ara deixa in mans de les comunitats to supply the material, tots els presidents del PP l’estan trying to buy from the Xina . Ayuso, one of the most critical of Sánchez, will demand guarantees that he will not block a command for Madrid that will draw Xangai the setmana he sees. “They are not blocking, they are donating instructions in duanes to speed up the procedures,” Moncloa will reply.

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