Sánchez will defend in Davos the "strength" and economic "reliability" of Spain

Sánchez will defend in Davos the "strength" and economic "reliability" of Spain

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos with an agenda marked by contacts with the technological sector and an objective, that of defending the "strength" and "reliability" of the Spanish economy before some of the main ones leaders and investors of the planet.

Sánchez is the first president of the Spanish Government to go to Davos in nine years, since the last to do so was José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy was not at any time during his time at La Moncloa.

Executive sources stress the importance of this return to a forum that brings together political, economic and social leaders and that they consider "fundamental" so that the president can defend the interests of Spain in this globalized world and establish "cooperative leadership" on certain issues .

They also believe that this is a "delicate" moment for globalization, with many geopolitical, environmental and economic obstacles, and they all affect Spain and Europe, hence Sanchez wants to participate in meetings of this kind to "be part of" of the solutions that are debated and adopted.

The core of the presence of Pedro Sánchez in Davos will be his speech before the plenary of the World Economic Forum, on Wednesday, the 23rd in the afternoon.

Although in this edition of Davos there will be many absences – among them the one of the American president, Donald Trump, and his delegation for the administrative break in Washington -, in Moncloa they emphasize the invitation to the plenary as an unequivocal sign that Sánchez is among the main leaders who They come to the Swiss city this year.

Together with Wednesday's plenary, the organization invited Sanchez to participate on Thursday at a luncheon with leaders entitled "The world in the era of globalization 4.0".

He has also been called to lead a debate on Thursday about the future of Europe. Like lunch, this appointment will be closed.

In his speech before the plenary, explained from the Executive, the president will convey the message that "the economy should be at the service of people and not of itself."

Sánchez plans to talk about Brexit, the rise of populism or economic nationalism and protectionism, among other issues.

But above all, underlined from the Government, will defend the "strengths" of the Spanish economy, its "strength" and its "reliability" in this forum attended by representatives of the world's leading multinationals.

Not in vain, in addition to his speech in the plenary, the president has opted for a much more economic than political agenda.

After receiving more than sixty requests for bilateral meetings, Moncloa has chosen to hold, in principle, only a political meeting, with the president of the Swiss Confederation, Ueli Maurer, and six meetings with senior managers of large companies: Microsfot, Facebook, Boooking , Amazon Web Services, IBM and Arcelor Mittal.

The fact that five of the six companies are technological is the decision of the Executive, which understands that Spain should be part of the countries that lead the economic transition from one productive model to another based on knowledge and digitalization.

There is also in this list companies that have "important investments in play," as they say in Moncloa, which does not give more details so as not to truncate these projects.

And the choice of the steel company Arcelor is its relevance in the world market and its important presence in Spain.

From the Government deny that the new tax on technology is the reason why these companies want to see Sanchez, and say that this will only be one of the issues that will be discussed, because there are also others such as human capital, public policies to help these sectors, infrastructure or support for innovation and intellectual property.


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