Sánchez will declare a catastrophic zone the area affected by the Ebro flood

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, has visited the Zaragoza town of Pradilla, affected by extraordinary river flood Ebro, where has confirmed that the Minister council The area affected by this flood will declare a catastrophic zone this Friday. It has also transmitted the "solidarity" of the central Executive with all the victims.

Before approaching Navarra and La Rioja, this afternoon, Sánchez visited this town on the banks of the Ebro as he passed through the province of Saragossa, which is usually affected by the avenues and where he already was, as secretary general of the PSOE, in a previous similar episode, during the term of the 'popular' Mariano Rajoy, in 2015.

Pedro Sánchez has moved to the river area, where a speck separates the overflowing channel from the streets closest to Pradilla.

You have been received by the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán; the president of the regional courts, Javier Sada; the president of the Zaragoza Provincial Council, Juan Antonio Sánchez Quero; the Government delegate in Aragon, Rosa Serrano; the mayor of the town, Raul Moncin, as well as other political authorities and members of the Army - of the UME -, of the Civil Guard and of the National Police.

After touring the walk that connects the town with a highway crossing, Pedro Sánchez has addressed the media to confirm that this Friday the Minister council will approve the declaration of an area affected by an emergency caused by adverse natural phenomena, which with the previous legislation was the declaration of a catastrophic area, for the municipalities of Aragón, Navarra and La Rioja affected by this Ebro avenue.

The objective is "to alleviate the consequences of these floods as soon as possible and to try, at least, as far as materially possible, by the Administrations, that the neighbors recover their day to day as soon as possible", has exposed the Chief Executive central.

"The State is here" to support citizens in "any eventuality"Sánchez stressed, who has enhanced the work of the Army, the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE) and the Security Forces, in addition to the coordination between all the Administrations.


The president has said that with This visit has wanted to give the "testimony" of the Government and of the Spanish society of "solidarity" with "those who have suffered the consequences" of the flood, emphasizing that, unfortunately, these adverse phenomena "have been occurring, for some time now, more frequently" due to "the climate emergency".

He has made clear the "commitment" of the central Executive with those affected by the flood and has ensured that the State will allocate "all resources" to reduce the effects of it and facilitate recovery "day by day."

Pedro Sánchez has praised the work that the employees of the public administrations are doing and has considered that it is important to have a "strong" social State, which is concerned that the response to this type of phenomenon can be "fast" and can be "anticipate" the floods.


The chief executive officer has highlighted the importance of coordinating all Administrations because "what the neighbors want is for us to be behind them", supporting them, and has stated that the Government of Spain, with the Administration staff, must be "capable of responding to any adversity."

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. Andreea Vornicu

The President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, thanked his "friend" Pedro Sánchez for his visit and highlighted the need for all Administrations to coordinate, which will avoid the "neglect" of the flood that occurred in 2015.

Lambán has welcomed Sánchez, recalling that he already visited Pradilla in 2015, when "uneasiness" spread over the "neglect" with which this adverse phenomenon was managed and when the now President of the Government of Spain "promised to take care" of the situation of the Ebro.

The head of the regional Executive has commented that during these years, by mutual agreement between the CHE and the regional government, cleanings of the riverbed have been carried out, so that, on this occasion, "it painted frankly badly", it has been possible to "settle with peace of mind", insisting on coordination between Administrations.

For this reason, Javier Lambán has shown his "gratitude" and has trusted that, later, "the sufferers will be compensated" on the avenue. He has also said that the institutions have been "advancing" in this regard.

The mayor of Pradilla, Raúl Moncín, explained that this municipality has lived "difficult moments", but "it has gone well" and it has not been necessary to evacuate the population. He has advocated for continuing to clean the Ebro with the Government of Aragon and the CHE.


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