July 6, 2020

Sanchez will decide this week the date of Franco's exhumation

In an informal conversation with the journalists at the reception that the Kings have offered at the Royal Palace on the occasion of the National Holiday, Sanchez explained that there are still some "technical fringes" to carry out the exhumation.

Thus, he said that this week a meeting will be held in which the final project will be approved, including security aspects and will be then when deciding the final date. Sanchez has also made it clear that he would have liked to carry out the exhumation much earlier but that judicial proceedings have delayed it.

It remains to be decided, among other things, how the mortal remains will be transferred from the Valley of the Fallen to the cemetery of El Pardo-Mingorrubio. The Executive is still assessing based on which option is the safest and least uncomfortable for citizens, without ruling out the airway.

This Friday, the Council of Ministers adopted an agreement that the exhumation will take place before October 25 and that, at least 48 hours in advance, the family and also the media will be notified, which may be witnesses of the exit of the remains of the basilica from the esplanade of the Valley.

The family will be allowed to be present, if they wish, in the exhumation, transfer and burial, when "a brief and intimate ceremony according to their religious preferences" may be held, the agreement states.

The Executive, clarify sources of the Government, will adopt the necessary measures so that no one, not even the relatives, can take pictures or record sound in the acts of exhumation and reinhumation. At all these times, as well as during the transfer, the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, will be present as the notary major of the Kingdom.

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