Sánchez will appear in the Senate as Feijóo claimed, which now demands a debate on general policy

Sánchez will appear in the Senate as Feijóo claimed, which now demands a debate on general policy

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will appear next week in the Senate to report "on the energy saving and management plan and its territorial perspective, as well as its economic and social context". An intervention that this past weekend the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, had demanded, and that the Executive had initially rejected, deriving the 'face to face' with the leader of the opposition to the control sessions in the Senate . Moncloa's change of opinion, which coincides with the announcement by the European Union of a modification of the energy market at the community level that Spain had been demanding for a year, has caught the first opposition party on the wrong foot, which has reacted criticizing Sánchez's announcement because "he talks about what he wants, not what the public is concerned about."

The EU will meet urgently to address the intervention of the electricity market

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The appearance was announced by the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. "We want it to be a calm and constructive debate," she said. “We are clear about what we want our model to be. We are going to work so that in this crisis the usual people do not pay and that families, the self-employed, companies and workers feel protected by their Government”, said the also Minister of Territorial Policy. In Moncloa they believe that this is a good time to confront Feijóo, whom they accuse of not having an "alternative model", government sources told elDiario.es.

Rodríguez has pointed out that the Government wants an "appearance in which to compare models in the energy and industrial field". A debate, he added, in which "the Government is very clear about its place: on the side of a majority of the countries around us". A reference to the urgent meeting called by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, for EU countries to review the current community energy market. "We are working on an emergency intervention and a structural reform of the electricity market”, said the leader, of the European PP.

In the formal request for appearance, registered this morning in the Senate, it is pointed out that the president will address "the economic and social context" that derives from the energy saving plan, at a time when inflation adds its third month in figures of two digits, despite the fact that it has moderated slightly, and with some worrying employment data for the month of July for the Government.

Despite the literalness of the document and the words of the spokeswoman, the PP has reacted in a matter of minutes with an amendment to the Executive's movement. In a statement sent to the media, Feijóo's party asks Sánchez to "rectify and appear to talk about the economic and social uncertainties that affect this country."

From the PP they add: “That he only sticks to explaining in the Senate a decree already validated in Congress shows his lack of interest in debating with Alberto Núñez Feijóo on general politics. Sánchez talks about what he wants, not what citizens are concerned about. But the obvious right that Congress held a general policy debate last July, the debate on the state of the nation. It is true that Feijóo could not participate more than as a silent guest since he is not a deputy. It was the general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, who represented the PP in the debate. "Just a month ago the president appeared in Congress to report on the political situation in our country and the international challenges," recalled the government spokeswoman, who took the opportunity to poke the PP for its performance in that debate: " He had no other argument than to rescue the ETA argument”.

“The model they propose is a partial debate, and in it they leave out problems that grip the present and future of the Spanish. This appearance does not respond to the invitation to a serene debate made by the president of the PP”, concludes the complaint of the Feijóo party.

"I don't know very well what the opposition leader asked for," the spokeswoman responded to the coincidence of the request to appear with Feijóo's demand. Rodríguez has assured that she heard him request an appearance in the Senate over the weekend and refer to Congress on Monday. "I don't know very well if he wants a debate or doesn't want a debate", the socialist has cleared, who has insisted that Sánchez's intention is to oppose his project to that of the PP: "In the face of pessimism, alarmism and catastrophism, management and projects ”. She has also made ugly the leader of the opposition who air catastrophism: "It never ceases to amaze me that any political leader, but in this case the main opposition party and its leader, has nothing more to say to the Spaniards than to wish them restlessness."

Government script twist

The reaction of the PP collides with what has been a plot twist of the PSOE. Feijóo started the political course last Saturday with a rally in the Pontevedra town of Cerdedo-Cotoba, in Galicia. There, he demanded a "face to face" in the Senate in which both can confront positions on the situation that the country is going through.

On Monday, the PSOE spokeswoman, Pilar Alegría, rejected the idea of ​​a monographic appearance by Sánchez and recalled that the president attends the mandatory control session of the Government in the Senate every month. The also Minister of Transport limited the debate between Sánchez and Feijóo to that limited framework: a brief crossover of monologues that in the Upper House adds up to a total of seven minutes, according to the Regulation. Both of them they met for the first time last Juneand his next face-to-face meeting was scheduled for next week, when the president will appear.

In fact, the PP leadership despised the PSOE's response on Monday and insisted on demanding an appearance by the president, a longer form of debate and therefore allows dealing with issues in greater depth. The change of opinion of the Government, however, has been received by the PP with criticism.

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