Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Sánchez will appear at the Congress to explain his project for Catalonia

Sánchez comparecerá en el Congreso para explicar su proyecto para Catalunya

Pedro Sánchez will appear in the Congress to specify which are the "political solutions" that the Government offers to Catalonia. All the parliamentary groups have voted today in favor of the appearance, requested by ERC and PDECat, at the meeting of the spokespersons' meeting held this morning in the lower house.

The spokespersons of ERC, Joan Tardà, and the PDECat, Carles Campuzano, demanded the appearance on October 19 for Sánchez "report on the Government's initiatives to channel political solutions that allow a democratic solution to the demands of Catalan society."

The PP had also requested the appearance of the President of the Government for the Catalan question, but with a view to the new application of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia. Popular sources have explained that, seeing that their proposal was going to be rejected by the board of spokespersons, they have supported that of the pro-independence parties. "We do not share his proposal, but we do see it necessary for Sánchez to give explanations," they added.

The Spanish president has pointed out on occasion that his commitment to dialogue in Catalonia will have to conclude with a vote, but has not specified whether a referendum will be held after a new reform of the Statute or if an alternative formula will be sought. Tardà and Campuzano consider that the time has come for Sanchez to reveal his plans, as they explained before the meeting of the spokesmen of the Congress.

So far, the date for the appearance of Sanchez has not been set, but sources of the board estimate that it could take place in December, because the calendar for November is already complete. Also on December, the 18th, Sánchez will appear in the Senate at his own request to report on the government's management.

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