October 24, 2020

Sánchez warns the PP that “the only beneficiary of the confrontation is the extreme right”

The President of the Government has closed the La Toja Forum with a direct message to the Popular Party amid the tension shared by the Government and the opposition on key issues such as the management of the pandemic or the renewal of constitutional bodies. Pedro Sánchez has been resounding in stating that “there can be no red lines” in the negotiation of the budgets that the executive wants to start processing in Congress and has warned the formation led by Pablo Casado that “the only beneficiary of the confrontation it is the extreme right “.

Sánchez wants to negotiate “with everyone” and seek “the maximum possible consensus” for budgets that he has described as a vital instrument to channel the injection of millions that Europe will send to Spain in response to the crisis derived from the pandemic. “We are going to achieve recovery. It is beyond any doubt. We need the help of all those who do not exclude themselves. The Government is going to do its job. Employers and workers are already doing it,” he said.

According to the president, one of the faces that the virus offers is the lack of understanding among those who think differently: “The virus is an enemy that has many faces and one of them is anti-politics. Those traditional forces that think are deceived. that they can obtain some income from the division and the confrontation. From the morass of the despair of the anti-politics the only beneficiary is the extreme right “, he assured.

The chief executive has been optimistic about the businessmen who have attended the La Toja Forum. Convinced that Spain will emerge from the crisis stronger, he has provided some data to justify his confidence in the future: “The different organizations foresee that GDP growth will be above 10% by 2021. The IMF has announced a growth forecast of 7.2% for our economy “.

Pedro Sánchez has developed the idea that Europe’s economic contribution is sufficient for Spain to emerge stronger from the crisis and with a renewed economy and has valued the specific contributions channeled by his Government in response to the difficulties related to the confinement and mobility limits: “Never before has there been an economic expansion of this magnitude by the State.”


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