May 16, 2021

Sánchez warns that “democracy has a problem” for normalizing the extreme right: “Vox represents a threat”

Pedro Sánchez says “enough”. The President of the Government has spoken for the first time on the death threats received by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and the candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, who they have turned the electoral campaign around. The socialist leader has focused his speech on the extreme right, which he has accused of “crossing a line” by questioning these threats. “It will be the last line to cross,” Sánchez warned. “It is not an anecdote, it is not an isolated case. It is something that we have to stop immediately. It is not about Madrid, it is about our democracy,” he paraphrased the one that since this weekend is the new motto of the Ángel Gabilondo’s campaign. “Vox represents a threat to democracy, to coexistence among Spaniards,” concluded Sánchez, who once again eluded the melee with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, although He has referred to the PP to regret his “equidistance” in condemning the threats.

The PSOE cries out against the "equidistance" of the PP and raises the 4M as a battle between "fascism or democracy"

The PSOE cries out against the “equidistance” of the PP and raises the 4M as a battle between “fascism or democracy”

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In a more didactic than rally tone, Sánchez lamented that the presence of the extreme right has been normalized, especially in the media. “Until now we have endured the screams, insults, hatred, lies and even threats from the extreme right. We have endured it for so long that we have even come to think that this is normal,” said Sánchez, who even referred to to the television “presenters” who “spoke cordially” with their representatives. And we have become used to accepting the activity of the extreme right as if it were normal. This is painful. We have to admit it, our democracy has a problem. ”

However, Sánchez has admitted that it is a conflict faced by other democracies, such as France, Germany, Sweden or even the United States – he recalled the assault on the Capitol – and has paraphrased Angela Merkel: “If this is not stopped in time , our society will never be the free society it is today. ”

“It is not normal to downplay something as serious as a death threat. It is not normal because it involves the coexistence of all. None of this is normal,” said the secretary general of the PSOE, who assures that it is “consisting of put the risk of people’s lives “:” It is about our freedoms. ” Sánchez has been convinced that the threats received “do not appear alone” and has pointed out directly to Santiago Abascal’s party to promote its germ: “They come after many insults, after creating hate speech, when it is said that this it is a criminal government little less than illegitimate. ” “Vox represents a threat to democracy, to coexistence among Spaniards,” Sánchez added at an event at the Juan de la Cierva sports center in Getafe.

The leader of the PSOE has appealed to the mobilization of the socialists to whom they trust a defeat of the right-wing bloc and that they see closer than a week ago for the turning point that has marked the attitude of Vox: “There is only one way and that is for the PSOE to defeat the Government of the PP and Vox on May 4. Only the PSOE will get Madrid to continue advancing and not take steps back in democratic quality. “All progressives, those who feel the colors of the PSOE, all democrats are summoned, we have got up and we have stood up to say enough!”, Exclaimed Sánchez, who at that moment has put the attendees on their feet .

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has once again been the PSOE’s electoral claim and has once again charged against the “equidistance” of the PP in condemning the threats and has warned: “We will not take a step back.” “Madrid is more than those bungling, than corruption, than hatred,” said Marlaska, who has vindicated the work of the socialist mayors and the central government.

Gabilondo has also placed them at the epicenter of his speech: “We want words and not bullets.” “I tell you here we are, we are from the left and we are not going to apologize for that, we have our pride, we are the PSOE. We are going to win you in these elections and we are going to do it for Spain, for Madrid and for democracy.” “Fascism needs accomplices,” he warned about the words of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for saying that if they call her a fascist, she is on the “good side of history.” “What a barbarity!” Said Gabilondo, who insists that in the elections the dilemma between democracy and fascism has been made. “If you feel it, vote socialist,” said the candidate, who has been interrupted shouting “ista, ista, Socialist Party.”

The secretary general of the PSOE, José Manuel Franco, took the opportunity to commemorate the anniversary of the revolution in Portugal. “We will not bring the army out onto the streets. This government has used the army to help citizens to do what the president and this failed government in Madrid has not done ”, he claimed. “Our army is you and you, our rifles are you, comrades, and our tanks are the ballot boxes”, he continued: “On the 4th we are going to put the first fault on fascism.”

“Hatred is not going to silence democracy,” said the campaign director, Mónica Carazo, as the mayor of Getafe, Sara Hernández, became the spokesperson for the socialist councilors, who complain about the abandonment of the regional government, which he called a “sectarian government that sells smoke and imposes hatred.”


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