Sanchez warns of the "real risk" that the rights reach the majority

Sanchez warns of the "real risk" that the rights reach the majority

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, today called for the concentration in the PSOE of "all the vote" against "the real risk" that "the three rights", PP, Citizens and Vox, add a parliamentary majority in the next general election.

In an event held this afternoon in a winery in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), which has also been accompanied by the leader of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Díaz, and by the Interior Minister and head of list of socialists for the province of Cádiz, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Sanchez has asked to concentrate "all the confidence" in the PSOE because it is "the only party that can add more" than "the right and its three acronyms".

The secretary general of the PSOE has said that, more than the rise of the "extreme right" that "will never win elections" in Spain, what concerns him is to see "how to radicalize the PP and Citizens" and that these parties "embrace without blush "the arguments of Vox, even" putting into question "consensuses settled in society.

Sanchez also regretted that these parties want to give the PSOE "classes of constitutionalism" when "they forget" Article 113 of the Constitution that regulates the motions of censorship such as that made to former president of the Mariano Rajoy PP.

He has argued that his government has been constitutional. "It has not been illegitimate nor can it be called coup," he said, to emphasize that the PSOE has been "always" in the "defense of the Constitution, the state of autonomy, territorial integrity and coexistence."

Sánchez said that the Catalan independence movement and the right "know" that the independence of Catalonia "will not happen".

"The problem is not independence, it is coexistence and that is resolved by dialogue within the Constitution, which is what the PSOE defends," he said.

Sanchez has also valued the social measures that his government has taken forward in these ten months and stressed that "everything" has been done "with the same budgets of Mariano Rajoy", which shows that "with the same tools, the priorities can be completely different "and that" another way of doing social policy is possible ".

He has criticized accusing his government of instrumentalizing public institutions with social decrees who instrumentalized them to avoid investigations of corruption to the PP or spy on political opponents with a group "very small" of "corrupt police."

He has assured that his government has "extirpated" this "plot" and that "those policemen" who participated in it "will pay with all its consequences" what they did.

Also underlined that during these months "there have been many lies", such as the one that warned that the rise of the minimum wage to 900 euros would have a negative impact on the creation of employment when the last data of affiliation to the Social Security have appreciated a increase.

He has said that the PSOE can "balance accounts and do things for the benefit of people."

Sánchez is committed to "eradicating child poverty", which affects two million Spanish children, if he wins the next elections, to include oral health in the public system, to make a new statute for workers that "ends with the precariousness imposed by the previous government "and repeal the gag law.

It has also committed to recognize the right to euthanasia, because "dignity" affects "both life and death to death" and has confessed to feeling "angry" because the "obstructionism" of the parliamentary opposition has prevented Spain already have this legislation that protects "good dying".

In his speech the Interior Minister has assured that his government complies with the salary equalization agreement of the State security forces and bodies, which, with the second installment that "will be paid in April", will mean an increase of one 14.3% to the police and 17.3% to the civil guards.

He has referred to the socialist government does not take "pictures" in the demonstrations of agents for this wage equalization, as the PP, during whose government 12,000 positions of troops of both bodies were destroyed.


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