Sánchez warns of "devastating" consequences of the political use of immigration

Sánchez warns of "devastating" consequences of the political use of immigration

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has warned all political parties today of the "devastating consequences" of using immigration in a partisan way and, for this reason, he has urged them to face this issue with rigor.

Sanchez has made this appeal in his appearance before the plenary session of the Congress to report on the matters dealt with at the European Council last week in Brussels.

One of the issues addressed was the European policy on migration, and has considered that it is already an achievement that the EU has placed this issue among its priorities.

The Chief Executive has considered that partial views on the migratory problem should not be allowed to occupy the public space from the rhetoric of xenophobia and confrontation.

For this reason, it has once again appealed to all political forces to face the migration challenge with rigor and fleeing from any partisan temptation.

"Opening that door has devastating consequences on the great consensus that has made, both for society and for the set of companies and politics, the harmony in four decades of democracy," he added.

Sanchez also expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the European Council agreed to redouble its efforts against the fight against human trafficking and at the increased cooperation of the EU with the countries of origin and transit of illegal immigration.

In this context, he highlighted the importance of Morocco's role in the control of illegal migratory flows and reported that he defended a plan of support for this country before the rest of European leaders.

In line with this he recalled that the EU will allocate 140 million euros to Morocco after the request made at the European summit last June to financially accompany the work of the authorities of this country.

"This Council (last week) is tangible proof that efforts to build a truly European migration policy in which the Government of Spain has played an important role are paying off," he added.

Sanchez also referred to another main issue of the Brussels summit, the "brexit", to highlight the consequences it will have for Europe, Spain and the United Kingdom whether there is an exit agreement or not, because "it is full "to everyone. That is why he has urged to be prepared.

If this agreement is not achieved, he has advanced that he would ask for the confidence of the Congress in the face of the measures that would have to be adopted for the benefit of the general interest.

After reviewing the issues of greatest interest to Spain, such as nationals living in the United Kingdom, fishing or police cooperation, has referred to Gibraltar to remember that there is an agreement on the protocol in this regard between Spain and the British authorities and that four memoranda are now being negotiated.

"If we achieve an agreement, well, if not, too, since what is important for this phase is the signing of the protocol that has already been reached," he underlined.

The Prime Minister also referred to the euro summit last week in Brussels to explain that in the debate on the future of the euro he emphasized the need to build a fiscal union

A summit in which he also highlighted that he proposed the creation of a European unemployment insurance that complements those already existing in each EU country.

Sanchez hopes to work on this proposal in the coming weeks so that there may already be tangible results at the summit of EU leaders in mid-December.


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