March 5, 2021

Sánchez wants to add the social partners to a great reconstruction pact

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, wants to include employers and unions in the “great economic and social agreement” that he seeks with political parties for the reconstruction of the country after the coronavirus epidemic.

In his speech in Congress in the debate for a new extension of the state of alarm, Sánchez called all the parties next week and added that he also wants to integrate the social agents, the autonomous presidents and the forces that ” are willing to lean in. “

“Are you willing? I am; I only ask you for what I can offer you, unity and loyalty,” he told political groups in Congress.

In this call to “lean on the shoulder,” the president has specifically cited businessmen, unions, autonomous communities, provincial councils and municipalities.

“We cannot be late for the economic and social crisis that is already upon us,” he stressed, while appealing to react “soon and united.”

And in that sense, he explained, he made the proposal for new Moncloa pacts, which he “solemnly” wanted to reiterate this Thursday before the Lower House.


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