Sánchez vindicates the "interest of the citizens" in the face of pressure from the electricity companies

Pedro Sánchez has vindicated the measures announced by the Government to combat the increase in the price of electricity before Pablo Casado's demand for resignation, who reminded him that he demanded it from Mariano Rajoy when it increased by 8% compared to 200% current, according to the head of the opposition. "The Government will always defend the interest of citizens above any particular interest and pressure," Sánchez said after the electricity companies have threatened a nuclear blackout after the shock plan with which the Executive intends to end its "extraordinary benefits." "The fair thing is that we all pitch in," defended the president, who in the control session in the Senate on Tuesday reproached the PP for not taking the side of SMEs, citizens and industry by ensuring that the The decision to cut the profits of the large energy companies has a "confiscatory" character.

Power companies threaten to advance the blackout of nuclear power plants due to government measures

Power companies threaten to advance the blackout of nuclear power plants due to government measures

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"You are incapable of solving the problems of the Spanish because the main problem in Spain is you," Casado has snapped, who has assured that Sánchez "has betrayed all his promises." "The bulk has slipped away in the worst moments, forgetting that there are 120,000 dead and the Constitutional Court has overturned its measures," he told him about the management of the pandemic. Sánchez has counterattacked by reminding him that he predicted that vaccination was a "disaster" and then the goal of immunizing 70% of the population in August was met. "The reality is different. We lead the vaccination, we are going to lead the recovery, the president of the European Commission, of her political family, has said that in the evacuation of Afghanistan the Government and Spain have represented the soul of Europe."

Casado had reproached him for not meeting the objectives set at the investiture: "They promised to end unemployment and there are five million unemployed. It is unable to run European funds and there are a million families in hunger queues." "He has electrocuted the social shield by shooting the bill," continued the opposition chief, who has accused Sánchez of "blocking" the renewal of the Judiciary. "He has pardoned the coup plotters and today he sits down to negotiate a referendum," he concluded on the dialogue table that was reactivated this Wednesday and for which Sánchez is going precisely with a single red line: the rejection of amnesty and self-determination.

"There is nothing left of you, you have betrayed all your promises, you have stolen all those who helped you get to Moncloa. When the president of a club throws the coach, the forward and the defense, what is left over is the president of the club President. He is the president of a failed government, the most radical in Europe, in the entire democratic history of Spain, "concluded Casado.

"I see him restless and accelerated. I was curious about the tone, I see that it is the same. They are not going to pitch in. He left with the no, he returns with the no; he left with the tension, he returns with the tension", he has Sanchez answered. "I ask you two things, I do not think it is too much to ask: comply with the Constitution, comply with democratic legality - he has said in reference to the renewal of constitutional bodies -. And when you leave Spain speak well of your country because that is speak well of you, "the president said goodbye in the first control session in Congress that began with irony when he wished to see Casado" more time "before the pulse with Isabel Díaz Ayuso.


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