Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Sanchez urges the opposition to "abandon the blockade" and allow a progressive government for the good of the country

This is the first reference that Sánchez makes to the difficulties to be invested, 40 minutes after he began his first intervention at the Plenary Session to explain the Spanish participation in the last European summits on Brexit.

Sanchez has asked the main opposition parties, that is to PP, Citizens and United We can, to reflect on their positions looking at Europe, where the European elections in May also threw a "complex arithmetic", which did not prevent agree the distribution of power in community institutions.

At the beginning of his first intervention, Sánchez had put in value how in the elections to the European Parliament of May 26, Spain and the rest of Europe were conjured against the "danger" that populist and europhobic forces represent.

But he has warned that the "threat of recoil" that these forces represent is still there, and they can only "impose their vision" conditioning the language of other political actors who "long ago had a moderate and meeting position and have now left drag along the ends. "

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