Sánchez underlines the failure of the independentistas and asks them not to inflame

The acting government president, Pedro Sánchez, believes that the independence leaders "are aware of his failure" and "recognize him privately", and urges them to "stop inflaming the most impulsive young people who have cheated and believed in his words. "

In an interview in the newspaper La Razón, the chief executive is convinced that, despite the impact that the sentence of the process may have, the "crisis" will be overcome and affirms that the number of followers of the postulates has already been reduced independentistas and "more and more are those in that sector are understanding that the unilateral bankruptcy of the law only produces pain and frustration."

Sánchez guarantees that the PSOE will defend "without hesitation" and "without hesitation" the Constitution and the independent action of the judges, the autonomous security forces and the State, and the presence and performance of the Civil Guard.

"That is one more reason why Spain needs a progressive and stable government," says Sánchez, who is committed to "not spur the conflict and overcome it through dialogue" and "firmly and without fuss guarantee the empire of democratic laws" .

Coinciding with the presentation on Monday of the election campaign of the PSOE for 10N, the president of the acting Government insists that after the elections "there will be a socialist government or we will continue in the blockade".

"The time has come for the truth: or progressive government or more blockade. It seems to me to be a very heavy argument," he says after noting that the irruption of Íñigo Errejón's new party in national politics continues "with respect and distance."

"I think a recomposition is taking place within the space of what it was five years ago We can and now there is a dispute between two vectors led by the two founders for printing one orientation or another to that space. They will not find any reproach on our side." concludes

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