Sánchez travels to Brussels to the summit that will study the extension of "Brexit"

Sánchez travels to Brussels to the summit that will study the extension of "Brexit"

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, travels Wednesday to Brussels to participate in the European summit, which has to decide whether to accept the extension of the "brexit" requested by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

An Extraordinary Council that will not only study May's proposal, of an extension until June 30, will also have on the table the one made by the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, who is committed to a long extension, at most one year during which the United Kingdom should show "sincere cooperation" as "outgoing member state", as proposed yesterday.

Spain cautiously goes to this extraordinary European Council, aware that the possibility of an exit from the United Kingdom without agreement is still there but also hopeful before the steps being taken by the British Government in its dialogue with the Labor opposition.

Steps that, along with the last votes of the British Parliament, are positive in this process of trying an exit as orderly as possible of the United Kingdom of the EU, according to have emphasized sources of the Executive of Sanchez.

That is, they emphasize, one of the president's objectives, as it is also to guarantee a close relationship with the British after his departure.

In Moncloa do not want to venture what will be the Executive's position at the summit that begins this afternoon in Brussels, because they insist that this is a process that is constantly evolving and the talks will start from scratch, although there are contacts in the previous days and the already known proposals on the table.

They value, in any case, that the British Parliament has voted against an exit without an agreement and that the Government of May is discussing with the Labor Party the customs union that they claim.

The Spanish government insists, in any case, that the exit agreement can not be retouched, and it is therefore in the hands of the British to decide whether that exit is made in an agreed or abrupt manner.

For Spain it is also very important that the United Kingdom is prepared to participate in the European elections if it demands an extension, because if it is going to continue in the EU longer than expected, it must do so as a member with all the rights and obligations that entails, including his representation in the House of Strasbourg.

And the time that the extension lasts, they warn, the United Kingdom will have to behave, like the rest of the EU members, with the greatest possible loyalty, because you can not be both a member and a non-member, "you can not be a little bit of a member. "

Pedro Sánchez is expected to make statements to the media upon his arrival at this summit, and he will also appear at a press conference when it concludes.


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