Sánchez tells the PNV that if in 30 years Social Security has not been transferred "it will be for something"

Sánchez tells the PNV that if in 30 years Social Security has not been transferred "it will be for something"

Sanchez has thus responded in the Senate Plenary to the spokesman of the PNV in the Chamber, Jokin Bildarratz, who has recalled that the transfer of this competence and that of penitentiary institutions are priorities for his party and are included in the Statute of Autonomy of Gernika.

The President of the Government explained that in talks with the 'lehendakari', Iñigo Urkullu, has committed to execute the transfer of two railway lines and the AP-1 and has said that the negotiations are channeled. It has advanced that there will be a meeting of the two administrations in the first half of November, although it has admitted that it is a complex matter because of the cost assessment.

Pedro Sanchez has underlined the commitment of his Executive with the study of another thirty competences included in the Statute and that could be transferred, but on Social Security, has insisted that "the urgent thing" for the Government is to guarantee the payment of pensions and that the system is sustainable.

"If the Social Security has not been transferred in 30 years it will be due to some issue, we must not confuse the urgent with the important, the urgent thing is to guarantee the public pension system," he stressed.


The spokesman of the PNV has reminded the President of the Government that they are in the negotiation plan of the 2019 Budgets and has warned that "they have to be credible" and that this happens because the Executive "complies with the agreement", is say, with the Gernika Statute.

"They know that we are reasonable people, what we ask is that you agree on a timetable so that in the term that is determined we can finalize the pending transfers," Bildarratz has asked Sanchez.

The spokesman recalled on the other hand that two years ago the ruling of the Constitutional Court endorsed the transfer of those two railroads claimed by Euskadi and that it is not a good message to Basque citizens that the central executive does not comply with the sentences.

"How do they want us to be part of a State that does not comply with the law or give us what we are entitled to by law, or that allows itself the luxury of sometimes fulfilling yes and not others?", He has told Sánchez.

"Have the guarantee that the socialist government will be reinforcing the Basque self-government, with this Statute and before a possible reform that you can raise, which will have to have the support of the PSE," the president replied.


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