Sánchez supports the role of Nadia Calviño in the labor reform and denies that there is interference: "It affects five ministries"

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has responded in Brussels to the request of United We Can for an urgent meeting due to the "interference" of the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, in the repeal of the labor reform, an issue that the second vice president was piloting and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, and that is a central element of the Government agreement between PSOE and UP. And Sánchez has supported the role of Nadia Calviño in the labor reform, described as "interference" by UP, and denies that there is interference: "It affects five ministries."

Calviño resists joining the speech about repealing the labor reform and bets on changes "balanced"

Calviño is reluctant to join the discourse on repealing the labor reform and is committed to "balanced" changes

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Until now, the coordination of the reform has been falling on Yolanda Díaz, but President Sánchez has ordered Calviño to assume that role, to the anger of the coalition partner, who on the socialist side they are trying to relativize. "The Government has an investiture agreement," Sánchez said, "a government agreement, and that includes the commitment to update the labor standards of our country. We want to do it hand in hand with unions and employers, we have said in Brussels that will arrive at the end of the year It is a law of the Government of Spain and affects Labor, Economy, Finance, Social Security, Education ... Of aspects that have to do with Labor and the Economy, an important law that affects many ministries, and all have to contribute and collaborate. It is the request and order that I have given to all ".

The news came out early this Friday, when the Minister of Social Rights and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarrahe tweeted: "The confederal space of United We can request an urgent meeting of the monitoring table of the coalition agreement between the PSOE and UP. We need to address the management and execution of the coalition commitments."

In UP they consider it "very serious" that Calviño speaks of failing to comply with an agreement reached in the Government and they understand it as an "interference" in the negotiation that has been progressing in the social dialogue for five months, say the sources consulted.

Nadia Calviño once again showed her resistance to expressly supporting the repeal of the PP labor reform. This Thursday, the first vice president participated as the highest government official in the inauguration of the 12 Confederal Congress of CCOO, and has not joined in the union act either. to the speech that its Executive maintains. Not even after the words of last weekend by President Pedro Sánchez who claimed to overturn this legislation of the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

"I have spent three and a half years - first as minister and then as vice president - calling on all of us to overcome the debate between reforms, counter-reforms ...", Calviño responded about whether he had the same approach as President Sánchez regarding the labor reform that negotiates the Ministry of Yolanda Díaz supposes the repeal of the legislation of the PP.

The economic head of the Government has called again to overcome "the debate on reforms and counter-reforms" and has repeatedly advocated for a "balanced" reform. "I think what we have to do is work looking to the future and tackle a balanced package of changes that modernize our labor market," said Calviño.

The new Spanish labor framework is key to receiving 12,000 million euros from European recovery funds in the first half of 2022. The Government's commitment, in the reform plans sent to Brussels, is that the reform would be ready before the end 2021. "The works are agile, in November they must be completed", said a week ago the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, before entering the Council of European Ministers of Employment and Social Policy (EPSCO) in Luxembourg .

"It is a fundamental reform, one of the most important in our country," said Díaz: "The commitment is to have the labor reform published in the Official State Gazette before December 31. The work is fast, agile, and within a period of time. Maximum, around the month of November, they must be completed. This is the obligation we have. We have only left the Employment Law for 2022, but the central elements of modernization of the labor market must be published in the BOE before the December 31. Therefore, it is for now. "

Less than a month ago, in the closing of the PCE PartyBefore 10,000 attendees, Díaz assured that if this task was not achieved, the Government "will be wrong." In that intervention, he already warned that in order to achieve this objective, the Ministry of Labor is going to face "many abuses." Still, he maintains his conviction that this project will succeed. "We are going to do it, right, Unai? Right, Pepe?", He pointed out, directly questioning the leaders of the Workers' Commissions and the UGT. "Believe me, we are going to repeal the labor reform," he concluded.


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