October 24, 2020

Sánchez supports Iglesias after the judge asks the Supreme Court to investigate him while the PP storms out to demand his resignation

The coalition government supports its second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, after the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has asked the Supreme Court to open an investigation against the secretary general of Podemos for up to three crimes. The ministers of United We Can have defended their leader, but so has the socialist part of the Executive, with the president, Pedro Sánchez, at the head. From the opposition, the PP and Vox have demanded the resignation of Iglesias or his dismissal by the head of the Executive, while Ciudadanos has limited himself to demanding that the leader of United We can give explanations in Congress.

The judge asks the Supreme Court to investigate Pablo Iglesias for "pretend" in the Dina case for electoral purposes

The judge asks the Supreme Court to investigate Pablo Iglesias for “pretending” in the Dina case for electoral purposes

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Sánchez has expressed his support for Iglesias on Wednesday and has assured that he is not worried after the decision of the judge who instructs the Villarejo case, Manuel García-Castellón. In an informal conversation with journalists, minutes before taking a plane to Algeria for an official visit, Sánchez wanted to support his second vice president, while underlining his absolute respect for judicial decisions, reports the Efe agency.

Sánchez has confirmed that he has already spoken with Iglesias, although he has not wanted to reveal the content of that conversation or make more comments about the political consequences or for the stability of the Government that the opening of this judicial process against his vice president could have.

A few minutes before it was the Minister of Finance and spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, who showed “all the support” of the Government for its second vice president. The Executive follows the path of closing the ranks with Iglesias since the beginning of the judicial journey of the piece Dina del Villarejo case instructed by the National Court. The slogan in the socialist ranks is that: endure and not advance events given the turns that the cause has given since it was opened after the Police found up to three copies of Dina Bousselham’s mobile card in two electronic devices in the house of the former commissioner, investigated for being part of a criminal organization.

“We respect justice,” Montero said in a statement to journalists in the Senate. What he did not want to comment on is the request for the dismissal of Churches that the PP has quickly demanded, reports the Efe agency: “Nothing more to add, we must let the justice act and the vice president knows that he has our full support” . The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has defended that the case of Iglesias “has nothing to do” with other judicial proceedings of the PP. Robles, who is one of the ministers who has the least sympathy for United We Can, recalled that the presumption of innocence is “for everyone.”

PSOE and United We can believe that the car is not a coincidence

The judicial decision has fallen, yes, like a jug of cold water in the Government to coincide with the launching of the economic recovery plan that has been presented this Wednesday. The judge of the National Court has communicated to journalists his decision in the middle of the intervention of the Prime Minister. Sources consulted in both the PSOE and United We can agree that it is not a coincidence. Some also point to the open confrontation between the Government and the General Council of the Judiciary over the recent appointments approved by the latter, in office for a year.

Even so, the majority of socialist leaders and positions consulted by elDiario.es have opted for prudence and even silence on the matter that they look at, however, with a distance in expectation of the future of the cause. Something that contrasts with the defense made by ministers and leaders of United We Can. Among the former, those of Yolanda Díaz and Alberto Garzón stand out. The Labor Minister has been “very confident” in Iglesias’ innocence. “I know Pablo Iglesias very well and I am very calm and very confident in her innocence. Time, as always, will speak,” she said in an ETB interview collected by Europa Press.

The head of Consumption, for his part, has supported Iglesias on Twitter, in a message that reflects the moment in which Podemos and IU, the organization led by Garzón, sealed their electoral alliance in 2016.

In Podemos they have received the information with amazement. “We do not give credit”, they maintain from the formation, that remembers that “a few days ago the National Court demanded that García Castellón return the condition of injured person to Pablo Iglesias, and the judge responds by asking the Supreme Court to investigate him.”

Request for resignation of PP and Vox

From the opposition, the PP and Vox have demanded the resignation of Iglesias or his removal from the Government. “He must meet the same yardstick that he demanded in his motion of censure,” he said in a message on Twitter.

Married makes a reference to the motion of censure that ended the Government of Mariano Rajoy in 2018. This occurred after the National Court will condemn the Popular Party for profiting from the Gürtel plot. In this case, and while the Supreme Court does not pronounce itself, Iglesias and the other people that the judge asks the high court to investigate are not charged.

Other prominent leaders of the PP, such as the Secretary General, Teodoro García Egea; the parliamentary spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra; or the second vice president of Congress, Ana Pastor, have also spread this message.

From Vox, for their part, they have ensured that the decision of magistrate García Castellón is another reason for the motion of censure that will be debated in the coming weeks in Congress. “He will not resign, as he said he would,” they assure from the party led by Santiago Abascal. The far-right formation is based on statements by Iglesias in which he said he would resign in the event of an oral trial, something that has not yet happened.

For its part, Ciudadanos has not gone that far and has limited itself to demanding that Iglesias appear in Congress to give explanations. His parliamentary spokesman, Edmundo Bal, has criticized the figure of the apologetics, which forces the Supreme Court to judge the deputies.


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