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Sanchez shoots his electoral speech before the evident end of the legislature

Sánchez dispara su discurso electoral ante el evidente fin de la legislatura

"The rights and the independence movement live better in confrontation, they are afraid of dialogue", settled yesterday Pedro Sánchez. But Spain "full, moderate and progressive", which claims to represent the President of the goverment, "Must take a step forward". "Take a step forward!", predicted.

With the legislature about to implode, after today both the PP and Cs as ERC and the PDECat meet their threats and blow up the State's general budgets before being born, the Government is already prepared to face a electoral advance for the next month of April. Not the 14, but the 28, according to defend members of the Executive, as the best alternative to "Electoral superdomingo" of May 26. This could be announced today by Sánchez himself, suggest in the Moncloa. And that despite the fact that the appointment with the polls on April 28 implies that half of the electoral campaign will take place in full Easter holidays. "The campaign is already done. In fact, we have been campaigning since June, "they argue in the government. So Sanchez has already fired his electoral speech in front of the right and in front of independence.

Montero disfigures PP and Cs and the independence movement that "live better in confrontation"

Also your Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, that yesterday excited the socialist bloc from the tribune of the Congress with the powerful speech with which it opened the debate of the amendments of totality of the budgets. "This government is not going to give in to any blackmail by anybody, ladies and gentlemen of ERC and PDECat! ", Warned Montero.

"Everything indicates that the independence movement will vote against social budgets good for Catalonia, and the right against social budgets good for Spain, "he assumed. "They are the ones who vote together to reject the recovery of the rights that citizens deserve. Could it be that they live better in confrontation than in solutions? "He said, in line with Sánchez's speech.

"The campaign is already done; in fact, we have been since June ", they argue in the Executive

"The independentistas had the fantasy that the government was going to accept the unacceptable in exchange for their support. They were wrong half to half! ", Assured the minister. "The obligation of a ruler is that things go as well as possible, and such a purpose is radically incompatible with asking for the impossible, as we adopt measures or attitudes outside our constitutional powers, or that attempt against the division of powers or against principles and fundamental values ​​of our constitutional order, "he said.

"This Government will not admit in any circumstance that in any order of the day there is the right of self-determination for Catalonia. We can not, we do not want to! ", Said Montero, pointing out the frustrated negotiations between the Executive and the Government of the Generalitat. "Such an approach would be harmful for all of Spain and particularly for Catalonia," he said. And he defended that the government did everything possible: "We have been loyal, we have always opted for political dialogue, within the framework of our Constitution. That has always been our limit when it comes to dialogue ".

Montero acknowledged that he would have liked that this debate of the amendments of totality had not occurred at the same time as the trial against the independence leaders. "I think it has been able to influence the polarization of the different political positions, making it extremely difficult for the serious and thoughtful debate that is required regarding the public accounts that this country needs," he argued. "That said, justice, as an independent power, organizes its activity in the terms and forms it understands best". Montero thus rejected "any kind of interference" of the policy in the judges and prosecutors.

"Our children will see this image in textbooks," says Tardà

In the presence of Sanchez and the entire Government, and with the expectation of the entire House before a legislature that will be seen today for sentencing, Montero also reproached, looking at the bench on the right, "the intolerable escalation of tension" that Judgment are generating, "in an absolutely irresponsible way", the PP and Citizens, "along with the training for which they are letting themselves drag", in allusion to Vox.

In the afternoon, the minister beat the copper with the spokespersons of the parties that demanded the return of budgets. He did so with the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, whom he accused of frightening with his "guerracivilista" language, and his agitation of "lies and confrontation to get to Moncloa". "Spain breaks when it confronts the citizens, not when it is discussed within the Constitution," he threw in the face of the leader of the PP. And he asked her directly: "What are you going to do with the Catalans who do not share your thoughts?"

And his verbal fencing with Casado culminated in a sentence that made the socialist bloc rage: "Do you know where the economic miracle of the PP is? In jail!".

As much to Casado as to the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, he threw them in face in addition to "whiten to the extreme right", and to have carried out, the past Sunday in the Colón place next to Santiago Abascal, "the photo of the shame". Montero also faced an intense debate with the spokespersons of ERC and PDECat, Joan Tardà and Ferran Bel.

Both the Republican and the nationalist maintained the intrigue over what they will do today with their respective amendments to the totality. Bel was willing to withdraw the PDECat if the government agrees to "negotiate without limits."

Tardà did not refer to the possible withdrawal of the ERC, but made it very clear that what his party wants is a negotiation between the central government and the Generalitat on "the right to self-determination."

Ferran Bel recalls that "twelve people are being judged for putting urns"

But despite this lack of specificity, almost nobody bet yesterday in Congress for the withdrawal of these amendments, which would allow the processing of government budgets for this year. The breakdown of the negotiations between the Sánchez Executive and the Torra Executive that took place on Friday is not the only reason.

The chance that the trial against the leaders of the procés started yesterday in the Supreme Court. The spokesmen of the independentistas parties are conscious that their electorate would not see with good eyes that they agreed with the PSOE while the defendants sit down in the bench. Therefore, neither Tardà nor Bel shied away from the matter.

The spokesman for the Republicans in Congress began his speech at the plenary session of the Congress, showing a photo of the accused. "Our children will see this image in textbooks," he said. He added that "this trial is a farce, because the sentence is inspired by revenge." Tardà believes that "the Spanish State has felt humiliated before the exercise of disobedience that led to the 1-0 referendum and that is why it wanted to chastise us".

"A few blocks from here, twelve people are being tried for putting up urns," Bel recalled, referring to the geographical proximity between the Supreme Court and Congress. "It is a shame for all," added the PDECat deputy whose party colleagues are sitting on the bench these days.

So, it would be a surprise if ERC and PDECat listened to Montero's requests and agreed to withdraw the budget's return amendments. At about noon, Spanish policy will leave doubts in a joint vote on all amendments to the totality. If they succeed, the Congress will send the budget project back to the Moncloa and will put on the table the possibility of an electoral advance, which almost all the members of the House take for granted.

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